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Mother Needs Access to Cannabis Oil for Terminally Ill Daughter

Maddie Holt is just four year’s old. Since birth, she has suffered from Zelweger’s Sydrome, a terminal genetic illness. While most children with this devastating illness do not survive their first year of life, Maddie is soon to be five. Her mother Meagan puts this down to one thing…cannabis.

This week, Meagan testified in front of a Washington State House Committee in the hope of changing cannabis laws in the state, specifically House Bill 1212 which would allow her to grow medical cannabis in her own home.

Currently, Meagan is being supplied by illegal cultivators and is, in the eyes of Washington State law, committing a felony.

“This is my reality”, Holt said to the committee, “Most children with this devastating disease don’t survive past their first year of life”.

Little Maddie is, according to her mother, benefiting enormously through the ingestion of cannabis oil, which eases her pain significantly.

There are no current plans to adapt the bill, however, and the Holt family must continue to utilise illegal streams to gain the medicine for its youngest, and most fragile member.

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