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Micro Dosing- Fad or Future?

Is micro dosing cannabis the way it will be consumed by future generations?

Before we get into that debate, let’s answer the most obvious question, what is Micro dosing and how is it changing the way cannabis is being consumed?

Cannabis legalization has become a game changer for the way the drug is perceived by people all over the world. While a subset population of all countries have always been prone to using the drug for recreational purposes, larger groups are now getting interested in learning how to incorporate the drug into their daily routine. The rise in productivity, the improvement in focus and clarity while trying to finish a task and most importantly the drugs inherent ability to help the user relax are many ways due to which cannabis is popular in different classes. One of the ways in which the modern world is taking cannabis is through the process of micro dosing which has seen an instant hike in its popularity in recent times.

Cannabis micro dosing and its positive side effects have been making news since a while now. So, what exactly is micro dosing? As the name suggests it is a way to take small doses of cannabis as opposed to larger amounts. The ideology behind this to reap maximum benefits of cannabis and its productivity inducing element without facing the haziness that comes with taking larger doses.

Amidst the potency obsessed market, micro dosing allows the consumption of the drug to be less in quantity and higher in benefits. Which essentially means that after a small dose one can focus on tasks better, communicate better without feeling the social awkwardness that at times comes with larger doses.

Typically to micro dose you need to take in small doses of any kind of cannabis- most commonly people opt for LSD, ketamine or mushrooms. The doses are taken on a semi regular schedule to help manage pain, anxiety, stress and enhance ones over all wellbeing.

Many studies have been conducted to see how the drug affects the lives of those who micro dose and most of the effects have been positive and healthy. People have experimented with doses of cannabis while going about their day and doing usual activities such as working out, playing with their kids or running errands. Many have seen rise in their productivity and communication skills which has inevitably improved their relationships with family and friends.

The most interesting aspect of micro dosing is how it is more popular in females. Studies show that females are more likely to be prone to micro dosing while going about their day. They consume it in smaller doses throughout the day and enjoy the benefits of feeling ‘better’.  Esmeralda a regular at micro dosing says:

 “People take well over a gram recreationally. I weigh out about 0.12g and then just swallow it, like any food. It gives me an alertness, an assurance. I move from a place of anxiety to a normal state of confidence, not overconfidence. I enjoy small tasks that I otherwise detested and my relationship with my kids has also improved. I enjoy playing with my little daughter more and I feel I am more present in the conversations I have all day. Smoking cannabis in larger doses has never done it for me, I always ended up getting paranoid and uncomfortable. Through micro dosing I feel I can enjoy the good parts without having to worry about the bad ones! ”

Micro dosing started from San Francisco less than a decade ago. Cannabis was illegal in the region but users decided they wanted to take tiny amounts which made them more focused, stimulated creativity and allowed them to stay productive. Slowly, as it always happens the fad moved from one city to the other and more and more individuals started consuming cannabis through micro dosing. Legalisation of the drug allowed for more people to try it without the stigma attached and that is how micro dosing became popular.

Regular cannabis micro dosing connoisseurs cite feelings of mindfulness, heightened awareness, increased empathy, an insightful outlook towards life and an overall calm that helps them keep ‘it’ together. They claim to feel less irritable and are able to manage the day to day stresses in a more efficient manner.

Micro dosing regulars also state that their work life balance and relationships with people in their lives and themselves has seen a drastic improvement. It induces in them the ability to manage work life and personal life frustrations in a healthy manner. Many claimed they were more ‘present’ in their daily lives than ever before.

However, like everything else, everything is not rosy in the land of micro dosing. Despite the positive reports and studies it is also a fact that micro dosing cannabis isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In many cultures in terms of work the use of cannabis is still frowned upon, despite it being legal, in such a case micro dosing has shown to be a deterrent in the employees’ ability to adhere to company policy.

There are many studies making the rounds about cannabis micro dosing, many studies suggest that while the drug has a positive effect on patients who wish to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, physical pain, there has been no link made to these effects with micro dosing.  Studies have cropped up from here and there regarding the effects but there are plenty of opinions in the world regarding this practice.

A great example of the positive and individual effects of micro dosing would be through a study conducted in 2012 where  advanced cancer patients who received smaller doses in regular time intervals showed greatest reduction in pain as compared to those who were being given high dosage of cannabis.  Either way, the message remains: Do your own research before you decide to make a lifestyle of micro dosing to manage pain, illness or just to take the edge off a rough patch in life.

At times individuals are looking for ways to optimize their work productivity and get creative juices flowing. With job stress on the rise globally for many micro dosing is used as a managing tool for immense stress. Many try to navigate their depression using micro dosing and some try to take the extra edge off the day when it is packed with back to back meetings. In any case the popularity is seen majorly in females who are juggling multiple tasks in a day and office going professionals who wish to excel in their careers. Micro dosing cannabis has gained particular notoriety and many feel that it is the ‘modern’ way to consume the drug.

A good way to figure out whether micro dosing is right for you is to do research and figure out what works best for your body. With both micro dosing and cannabis consumption, one thing is for sure, the effects are customized and it works differently for each individual. For some micro dosing has been life changing and for others it has been the cause of constant paranoia and distress. It has hampered and improved relationships for individuals in different stages of their lives. Think about it, cannabis consumption was characterized as the ultimate act of rebellion and being ‘hipster’, but when it became mainstream, popular culture is trying to ‘tame it’s intake to make it look better.

If you wish to consume cannabis to improve your productivity without the couch slacking that comes as a byproduct, try micro dosing, if it works for you make it a part of your life. If it tends up making you uncomfortable, go back to your regular mainstream consumption of cannabis without worrying.

One thing however cannot be compromised on if you decide to take on the micro dosing lifestyle, you MUST do it responsibly. Here are a few tips to make sure you micro dose responsibly.

Realize your goal is not to get sloshed and high, consumption is targeted towards a certain goal. The point of micro dosing is not to get high and insane. It is to consume low doses of cannabis at regular intervals to change your disposition towards certain areas of your life. Weather it is work stress, productivity or enhanced cerebral capacity. Be clear as to why you are indulging and what your dosage will be at regular intervals.

Test it on a safe day- don’t chose important days to test out your new hobby! As mentioned repeatedly earlier cannabis reacts differently on each individual, chose a regular working day. Take a safe bet and dabble with it on a day when things are normal and nothing unusual is taking place. Experiment with your perfect dose and find out what works best for you before you decide to make it a daily thing. Give yourself time and adjust to the new routine.

Find the best product for yourself! This is the most important, all cannabis products will get you high, but which gets you high enough for you to sustain regular small doses throughout the day? Experiment with a few to find out your micro dosing cannabis of choice and stick to it!

 Acknowledge your responsibility while you micro dose. There is a risk attached to trying anything new, especially if it is in the form of introducing a new substance in your body. Have a chat with your doctor and make sure you do not regularly consume something which may have effects such as paranoia. The good thing is you cannot over dose on cannabis but it is best to keep things safe for yourself.

The real question that begs to be answered- which is it, a fad or the future? Well the way it seems micro dosing is here to stay. It has made the long run of being relevant for almost over a decade, which means that its popularity is on the rise. Many argue that it is main stream culture’s way of taming the way the conservatives see consumption of the drug. It seems more docile and less ‘wild’ in comparison to the good old smoking cannabis. However many argue that micro dosing is the way through which people will truly learn to accept cannabis as a part of daily life and routine.

Our verdict is, micro dosing is NOT a fad. It is here to stay and unless there comes out a study that explicitly and globally denounces its benefits, may will continue to take in their daily small doses of cannabis which allows them to feel in control of their lives. Micro dosing can be seen an alternative or ally to regular cannabis consumption, you can be on either side of the argument but the one thing you cannot look away from is that micro dosing is here to stay!

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