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Medical Marijuana Can Help Fight Mental Illness

The benefits of marijuana have been quite known for some time now. Despite the fact that this plant is highly effective in combating a myriad of diseases, it still remains controversial. And yes, we realize that the controversy stems from the past so at the same time, over 50% of US citizens support legalization of marijuana. The tide is obviously shifting to a more positive image of marijuana and that obviously enables a hefty amount of research freedom, so to speak.

Research Studies

In a new research study, it has been proven that marijuana could be a valuable ally in fighting a variety of mental illnesses. The field of mental illness is obviously very wide as that includes anything from depression to schizophrenia. The study itself had a pretty huge sample as well so the results are very conclusive.  4,400 people fighting depression were actively part of this study and the results are quite exceptional. People who have used marijuana occasionally throughout a pre-determined period of time experienced less depressive episodes and obviously a significant boost in appetite.

In another study, it was proven that people suffering from HIV also reaped the benefits of medical marijuana as it helped them with reducing depression and anxiety. To be fair, most of these studies will tell you the same thing, as it is undoubtedly correct that marijuana truly can relieve you of symptoms of aforementioned conditions.

Bipolar Disorder

In yet another study, it has been proven that marijuana can also help combat bipolar disorder. The amount of research done on the mental front of medical marijuana is absolutely staggering. There are several studies that connect marijuana to a number of mental conditions. In fact, if it weren’t for Big Pharma, cannabis would probably be prescribed instead of Xanax, which has insane side-effects no human being should actually go through. The debate over marijuana replacing painkillers has been ongoing for the last couple of years and it always seemed like it was at a steady halt. A number of studies have confirmed that marijuana is truly a better solution than painkillers but, as we mentioned before, there is simply too much money in Big Pharma to think they would simply renounce a huge part of their market just because somebody proved a plant is actually a better solution than trillions of dollars pumped into the pharmaceutical industry.

The Future of Mental Illness

One of the better arguments out there is also the fact that you can’t overdose on marijuana. You can maybe do yourself a favor and smoke moderately rather than waking up everyday stoned. The fact that you can’t overdose on it doesn’t mean you should keep trying to do just that.  A lot people think that it is somewhat ironic to fight mental illness with a psychedelic drug but in all honesty, it is research in those far secluded areas of logic that sometimes brings out the best in science.

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