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Master Hemp – Brand New and Exclusive 32:1 CBD-THC Strain

Medical Marijuana Genetics, one of the world’s leading medical seedbanks have announced the release of a brand new strain – Master Hemp, which offers one of the highest CBD:THC ratios in commercial strain history.

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Master Hemp CBD Feminised

Master Hemp is a strain that combines the best characteristics of selected lines developed by Medical Marijuana Genetics during three years of dedicated research and breeding.

This strains most prominent genetic lineage comes from the classic and stable CD-1 strain, which offers one of the highest CBD contents available in the world today. CD-1 also holds a unique terpene content, which is often very difficult to find in cannabis strains. This contributes to the entourage effect, making Master Hemp a truly special therapeutic strain.

Master Hemp also derives a number of characteristics through its lineage from a classic low-THC strain from Switzerland. This contributes to the strong and compact structure of the plant.

Different independent industrial growers have been testing Master Hemp since mid-2017 and have recorded some phenomenal yields and quality flowers.

THC content in Master Hemp is extremely low, generally recording between 0.3-0.5%. On the other hand, its CBD content ranges from 12-16%. A number of other cannabinoids are also present in Master Hemp, including CBC, THCV, and more.

The rare and exotic combination of the terpenes in this strain contribute to its insatiable aromas of incense and lemon. Master Hemp is also visually appealing, with 30% of plants cultivated holding a deep purple colour in their buds.

Cultivating Master Hemp outdoors or in a greenhouse is where you can truly appreciate the potential of this plant, as it can grow to between 2- 3 meters. It can be easily handled indoors as well, where a very light feeding Schedule and a 12/12 photoperiod from seed to harvest is recommended.

Harvest time starts at the end of August, finishing during the first week of September. It will take around 55-60 days indoors. Average yield per plant outdoors is 450 grams, with around a 400 gram harvest per square meter indoors. It’s approximately 70% sativa to 30% indica.

Master Hemp is a strain with one of the lowest THC contents of any seed available on and is therefore ideal for therapeutic use and for everyday smokers that want to really enjoy the flavours and scents of a complex smoke with a non-psychoactive effect.

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