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Does Marijuana Use Really Lower Your IQ?

Take a long hard look at that title and learn to take news related to marijuana with a grain of salt. You see, when an industry such as marijuana is about to explode all over the world, research studies tend to contribute to the fact that marijuana is harmless and you can smoke as much as you want of it without feeling any consequences. Just to paint a bigger picture here, several years ago a study came out claiming that marijuana use in teenagers will have long lasting consequences because their brain is still in development. That makes sense because your brain is not fully formed until you reach 21 or, according to some studies it is not fully formed until you reach 30. Who knows, right? In an era of information overload, it is very hard to filter the most accurate research currently floating on the Internet. We’ve also seen kids who have evidently been damaged by marijuana use in their teenage years. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Research Study

This new study made by the University College of London recently came out and established one simple fact – marijuana use will not lower your IQ. The sample study amounted to 2,612 children born in Bristol. The researchers examined their IQ scores when they were 8 and then again when they were 15. Other than occasional marijuana use, alcohol and tobacco use were taken into account as well. According to the study, occasional marijuana use did not lower the IQ of kids below 15 years of age. However, we cannot stress the word “casual” enough here. The point being you should not get a kilo of weed after you read this article and smoke it consecutively because chronic use does have consequences and this study claims that as well.

When doing research, it is essential to take socio-economic factors into account because society, behavior and lifestyle are huge influences on the development of mental capabilities. Not to mention the fact that there are plenty of other drugs out there available at arms length and nobody is factoring that in during their research studies.

Is Marijuana Damaging? Yes & No

To cut a long story short, chronic marijuana use has long lasting effects on your brain, especially with teenagers. However, if you use marijuana recreationally yet sparingly it is obvious that you shouldn’t develop any permanent problems. I have personally met and talked with people who were heavy marijuana users in their teenage years and the effects are evident, especially in terms of stuttering and incoherent thinking. But then again, who knows, maybe they did heroin at the same time as well. You can never know what was the catalyst for somebody’s lack of intelligence but this research is claiming that casual marijuana smoking is not going to kill you or damage your mental health.

A fair number of marijuana related research studies that seem to be popping out lately are painting marijuana in a very positive light, which is why legislation has become more lenient towards legalization in the last several year. That trend is likely to continue and it will be interesting where specific compound research takes us next.

by M.B

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