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‘The Marijuana Show’ – A New Wave of Cannabis Entrepreneurs

There are several things you have to keep in mind when we’re talking about medical marijuana. First of all, it has opened doors to recreational marijuana. It has removed the stigma that cannabis has been carrying for a long time. If there is justice in this world, we might even see it removed from its current class, which equals it to heroin. As marijuana was gaining popularity, it was easier to subject it to medical research. Naturally, this lead to a rapid development of research studies and with it medical benefits were becoming quite obvious.

The Green Wave

Research studies are still picking up steam but the green wave of marijuana legalization in any regard, albeit medical or recreational is truly turning people green with envy. Everybody thinks that all they have to do now is jump on the bandwagon and the money will just start pouring in. I guess it is fairly easier to grow marijuana in California than up-state New York but keep in mind that marijuana dispensaries still get raided on the West Coast almost on a monthly basis.

That is why it is essential to understand that while marijuana is big business, it is definitely not easy business. It includes a lot of lobbying and shady legislation issues, which is basically the mark of an unstable system. One of the weirder side effects of marijuana entrepreneurs is a new show called simply ‘The Marijuana Show’, which is basically like Shark Tank, only with weed. Even though we just skimmed through a teaser clip, it is safe to say that at first glance we are not really that impressed with ideas. Maybe that’s because, as one of the attendees puts it, they come up with ideas while they are getting ridiculously high.

Getting High On Their Own Supply

It is one thing to conceive an idea while you’re high but it is an entirely different thing to follow up on that idea when you are sober. That’s probably why they’re so emotional when they don’t get the funding they were expecting to get. In all honesty, the first people who will succeed in the marijuana business are not former drug dealers but business mavens with MBA’s who actually know how to run a business. We think that is the biggest threat to wannabe weed entrepreneurs – their lack of knowledge in running a business, advertising it, strategizing and reaping the rewards afterwards. Anybody can open a dispensary, but as we learned so far not many of them can keep it operational without the DEA raiding in every once in a while.

There are hundreds of candidates signing up to do the Marijuana Show and we would be thrilled to witness some truly groundbreaking ideas so fingers crossed that not all concepts will come out through a haze of bong smoke but will actually stem from something that is not only a cash cow but something that would benefit the medical marijuana community as well.

by M.B


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