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Join our Facebook group and Win!

Earlier this year, our decade long-established and active Facebook page was shut down without warning.

No emails. No DMs. Not even a poke.

We went down faster than a poorly rolled bush joint at a high school kegger.

Marky Zuck changed our relationship status to “It’s Complicated”, and ever since then, we’ve fought a losing battle to get back to a page we put a lot of love into.

But, it’s becoming clear what’s gone is gone, and so, we’ve set up and established a new Seedsman Facebook page and a Facebook group. And, to get the ball rolling, we’re offering you the chance to win some excellent seeds if you join.

Win Free Seeds!

We’re giving away 360 seeds of our three most loved strains: Alaskan Purple. Peyote Gorilla and Gelat.OG to 40 winners!

How do I know if I’ve won?

Winners will be announced in the widget below, emailed directly by Seedsman, and revealed on our Facebook page on the 25th of June.

Join our Facebook group and enter to win free seeds!
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