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How To Smoke Hashish

Smoking hashish is an experience every would-be connoisseur should try – for one thing; it’s usually higher in THC than cannabis flower. But is there a best way to do it? In this article, we take a closer look at how to smoke hash.

Whether you’re an experienced hash smoker or thinking about trying hash for the first time, it’s good to know there are various tricks and techniques for smoking hash. There are some you know, some you possibly don’t, and even some low-rent techniques you may have forgotten. Spark your lighter, and let’s see if we can spark some nostalgia, too.

What is Hashish?

Hashish, commonly known as hash, is a cannabis concentrate made from the plant’s trichomes. Those sticky, resinous hairs carry all the magic – from cannabinoids and terpenes to flavours and aromas.

Different forms of good-quality hash exist, such as bubble hash, rosin, and charas, all originating from different areas and made using slightly different techniques. The overall concept remains the same – separate the trichomes from the flowers and concentrate them into a potent new substance.

Will Hash Get You Higher than Smoking Weed?

As hashish is made from the plant’s trichomes, it’s more potent than a smoking bud.

Cannabis flower typically packs THC content ranging anywhere between 15-30%. The potency of hash can be between 40-60% but varies depending on the strain of cannabis the trichomes were extracted from and the method used to make it. Something like butane hash oil, for example, can carry THC levels as high as 80%!

A Quick History of Hashish

Smoking hashish has been a popular pursuit for centuries. It’s been documented that a very early form of concentrate was made by rubbing cannabis plants together to free the sticky trichomes.

Originating in Central Asia and Persia (now Iran), hashish use continued to grow throughout Europe. In the 1800s, the drug became popular with the Parisien intelligentsia. Creatives such as Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, and Toulouse Lautrec became fascinated and began experimenting with hashish, convinced its consumption could fan the flames of artistry and creativity.

Fast forward to the 20th century, and hash use again enjoyed an explosion with the hippie movement of the 1950s and 60s. Hippies would travel from Western countries to Asia and Africa, seeking enlightenment and spiritual experiences on their travels, and gathered cannabis and hash along the way to fuel their meditation and relaxation.

Easy Ways To Smoke Hashish

Just as there are many different ways to enjoy cannabis, there are numerous ways you can use hashish. These range from simple to more creative and complex methods of smoking. What you choose ultimately depends on your preferences – or your sense of adventure. You can also use most of these methods to enjoy dry sift hash – aka kief – by sprinkling some into your bowl or joint.

Smoke Hashish in a Pipe

Arguably the most basic way to enjoy the high life is to fill the bowl of your favourite pipe with hash, and you’re off and running. As an excellent alternative, you can mix hash into your pipe with some ground-up flower of your favourite cannabis and enjoy the flavour and effects.

Just as you would grind up cannabis buds, do the same with hash – break it into fine pieces before placing it into the bowl of your pipe. Use your hands to do this, not your grinder. Next, soften it up, as the hash is a more solid substance. Take your lighter and hold the flame over the hash, allowing it to melt and soften a little bit. This will make it much easier to consume. Take care not to burn your hash – give each section no more than a few seconds of flame, and move the flame around each section to ensure an even heat distribution to make it easier to crumble.

Once your hash has softened up and changed to a crumbly texture, gather it up and put it in the bowl of your pipe. Light up, and enjoy.

Smoke Hashish in a Joint

Combining cannabis flower with hash in a regular spliff is among the easiest ways to level up. All you have to do is take a rolling paper, prepare your hash with a lighter as above, add some dry herb, and spread it from end to end on the paper. Layer your softened hash along the top, or break a small piece off and roll it into a snake-like piece with your hands. Filter it, roll it, and fire it up. Or, if you’re a tobacco user, you can mix hash with tobacco in a roll-up for smoking. A hash joint is an easy way to go.

Smoke Hash In a Bong

You’ll follow some of the same principles for smoking hash in a pipe. Prepare the hash by softening it with your lighter and then crumble it into the bowl of your bong. Then, half-fill the bong with water, and add some ice to the tube if you want to cool the smoke. Light the hash in the bowl, and inhale.

Smoke Hash from a Hookah

Passing the hookah pipe around the room is a time-honoured hash-smoking tradition if you enjoy a smoke with friends. It takes some preparation, so be prepared to put some time into the setup.

You need: hashish, cannabis flower, a hookah, charcoal, and tinfoil.
Start by rolling your hash into balls – small enough to fit a few in the bowl of your hookah. You should be able to fit around half a dozen of these into your bowl and pack your ground cannabis flower in between them. If you want authenticity, add shisha tobacco instead.

Then, fill your hookah around three-quarters full with water. Meanwhile, heat your charcoal separately until the coals start to turn red. Take your tinfoil and cover the bowl, ensuring a nice, tight fit, then use tongs to place the hot coals on top of the foil. Begin inhaling through the mouthpiece to bring heat through the hash, and you’re on your way to a classic smoking session just like in ancient times!

Hot Knife Technique

You may have seen or heard of this throwback technique at parties. The Hot Knives method sounds risky and can be when you’re intoxicated, so safety first is paramount. Now is not the time for horseplay, and do not be tempted to use any plastics here due to the risk of fire and toxic fumes.

You’ll need the following: Hash, a small blowtorch or a hob/stovetop, two butterknives, a metal straw.

Heat the two knives using either the blowtorch or stovetop. Once the knives are glowing hot, place your hash between the blades and watch as it immediately starts to light up and give off smoke. Grab your straw and inhale the smoke (with the utmost care, please) by sucking through the straw.

Glass and Pin Method

Here’s another old-school way of smoking hash – using a glass and pin to set up your smoke. This is an almost retro, teenage stoner, house party way to smoke.

You’ll need the following equipment: Hash, A drinking glass, a pin, a straw and a non-flammable plate or tray.

Sit about a pea-sized piece of hash on the plate or tray, and poke a pin through the top of the hash, right in the centre, so it sticks out like a ship’s mast. Then, light the hash until it starts to burn and produce smoke. Sit the glass over the smoking hash and allow a good build-up of smoke to form. Once the glass is filled with smoke, stick one end of the straw underneath the glass and start puffin’.

These are just a few of the many ways you can smoke hashish, from the simple to the sophisticated. You can also use a vape pen, dab rig/dab tool, bubbler, vaporizer, or the old plastic bottle method, or get creative and come up with your own means of smoking the hash. If you’re feeling adventurous, try making hash edibles.

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