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How To Grow Weed On A Budget

There’s no denying that cannabis cultivation requires some financial investment, although the costs of a home grow needn’t be sky high. Whether growing cannabis indoors or outdoors, pennies can be saved at every stage of the process if you plan things right. Here’s how to grow weed without busting your budget.

For The Price Of A Few Seeds

Whether you’re growing sativa or indica, photoperiod or autoflowering cannabis, starting your grow with high-quality seeds is a must. Growers who put their faith in bagseed often find that these orphaned genetics offer a false economy and give rise to weak plants with low yields.

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Fortunately, top-class cannabis seed is easy to come by at affordable prices. Sticking to the tried and tested lineages like Kush, Haze or Cheese is the best way to ensure value for money, as these cultivars are more reliable and less expensive than hipster hybrids. Buying feminised seeds also ensures that no cash is invested in unwanted males and is another top tip for those looking to grow weed on a budget.

Grow Outdoors If You Can

Growers living in warm, sunny climates can save a butt-load of money by raising their plants outdoors. Free lighting, air circulation, unlimited vertical grow space, and rainwater eliminates many of the costs associated with cannabis cultivation in a grow room.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to inhabit the kind of environment a cannabis plant likes. Growers in colder climes may therefore benefit from investing in autoflowering seeds, as these yield smokable bud much faster than light-sensitive strains. Many autos go from germination to harvest in ten weeks or less and offer THC levels that rival photoperiod weed. By planting autoflowers, growers with short summers can squeeze in an outdoor grow and reap the financial advantages of cultivating in the fresh air.

How To Grow Weed Indoors On A Budget

If you have to grow weed indoors, you’ll need to be thriftier to keep costs down. For example, you may consider converting a small room or closet into a grow space rather than investing in an expensive grow tent. To do so, simply paint the walls of your makeshift grow room white, or cover them in a reflective material like Mylar film. This will maximise the amount of light reflected onto your plants, thus reducing your lighting costs and improving the efficiency of your grow.

Any unused small spaces around your house or apartment can be converted into an indoor grow room, provided the area is big enough to accommodate a cannabis plant. Regardless of where you choose to set up, however, you’ll need to invest in ventilation equipment, as a lack of air circulation can drastically impact the health of your plants. After all, there’s no point trying to grow weed on the cheap if your end product is mouldy.

Fortunately, an exhaust fan won’t set you back too much these days. Depending on whereabouts in your home you set up your grow room, you may also want to use a carbon filter to stop that delicious cannabis aroma from taking over the house.

LED lights are another worthwhile investment if you want to grow weed indoors on a budget. Though these grow lights may be more expensive than high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, they use minimal energy and generate very little heat. In the long run, LEDs are more economical than HPS lights and can help keep costs down.

The Best Grow Medium For Budget Weed

Fancy hydroponics is not the way to go if cash is a consideration. On the other hand, soil is affordable, hassle-free, and the best grow medium for budget weed. Quality soil is inexpensive and can be purchased at any garden centre. Even better, you could make your own super soil using ingredients like vermiculite, compost, worm castings and guano.

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Not only is soil cheaper to use than other growing mediums, but it’s also more forgiving and is, therefore, easier for novice growers to get to grips with. As long as your soil is of decent quality, it should contain enough nutrients and microbial life to supply plants with most of their needs.

Weed grown in balanced soil is, therefore, less susceptible to pests and general ill-health and is more likely to obtain a steady stream of nutrients than cannabis grown in other mediums. All a grower has to do is keep an eye on moisture levels and possibly add some extra supplements as the flowering stage approaches.

Reuse And Recycle

Another great thing about soil is that it can be reused once your cannabis plant has reached maturity. Obviously, growers will need to mix in a new batch of amendments to replenish the nutrients in their spent soil, but the bulk of their growing medium can be recycled.

Other items like pots can also be reused to cut costs, while everyday objects can be upcycled into useful gear. Yoghurt pots and empty loo rolls, for instance, make excellent modules for germinating seeds. Disposable plastic cups can be converted into miniature greenhouses to keep seedlings warm during the early weeks of the vegetative stage.

Even what seems like trash can be mined for value. Kitchen scraps and garden waste, for instance, are the ideal base for homemade compost. Rather than throwing these nutrient-rich materials away, add them to your compost pile and watch them slowly transform into black gold.

Don’t Throw Away Your End Product

It may sound like a no-brainer, but throwing away your precious plants is not where it’s at. Most growers only harvest cannabis flowers and discard the rest of the plant, but if you’re hoping to grow weed on a budget then you’ll want to make the most of every ounce of biomass you produce.

Remember that trichomes are found on the leaves and the buds, although in lower amounts. Still, once you’ve put in all that effort and spent all that money, you might as well maximise your returns and harvest every last drop of resin you can find.

It’s not worth smoking cannabis leaves as the THC they contain is too low, but pennywise, growers can still use the trichomes found on sugar leaves to make extracts, concentrates and lotions.

Cost Friendly Strains on Seedsman

We’ve got strains to suit all budgets on Seedsman. If money’s too tight to mention, check out these 3 below.

Also, you’ll get free seeds with every order, so even more bang for your buck!

Badazz OG Cheese Fem – 3 Pack for $11

The intentional contradiction of flavours in this strain is simply incredible. Retaining the Diesel taste from its OG lineage and the famous flavour of its Cheese parent, Badazz OG Cheese is a strong yet delicious strain that will leave you wanting more.

grow weed budget

Badazz OG Cheese has a comparative surplus of terpenes, making this strain perfect for extractions.

Suitable for all grow media and conditions, this sativa dominant strain is ideal for those looking for a more uplifting and energetic high.

The White OG Fem – 3 Pack for $11

The White OG is everything you would expect a Kush strain to be; intense, spicy, and earthy, with notes of pepper, lemon, and diesel in terms of taste and aroma. 

She also offers the heavily sedative but enjoyable effects associated with its Kush genetics and boasts THC levels up to 24%. 

grow weed budget

While this strain may be short in stature, she offers a decent yield of uniquely hard buds and phenomenal resin production. This strain takes around nine weeks to flower and is suitable for all environments and grow media. 

The White OG is an essential addition to your collection this year, holding all the traits of a classic, pure Kush strain. 

Northern Lights Auto – 3 Pack for $10

Northern Lights  Auto was created by crossing Northern Lights with a ruderalis strain to add auto-flowering properties. It is a robust and resistant Indica-dominant hybrid producing high levels of THC and good yields. 

Cultivating is very straightforward, preferring moderate levels of slow-release fertilizer with good resistance to fungus, plant diseases, and pests. Towards the end of its life a range of green, blue and purple shades will both surprise and delight growers. 

grow weed budget

The scent and taste are fruity and sweet with earthy pine and sweet ‘n’ sour plum jam coming to the fore. THC levels are very high at 23% with a mere 0.5% CBD, ensuring the effect is one of mental relaxation coupled with a strong body effect.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

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