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How Cannabis Can Help Your Relationship

Happy Valentines Day!

It seems like there are love hearts and red roses everywhere you turn. But can a certain green flower play a role in romantic relationships? If used responsibly, cannabis can absolutely sweeten things with a partner. From bonding through simple laughter, helping you to share your deepest thoughts, feelings and ideas or making your sex life spectacular, cannabis use can play a role in your relationship in more ways than you’ve possibly even realised.

This year, skip the candy hearts and teddy bears and try some Kush instead.

Cannabis can help De-Stress and Open Communication

Relationships are great when they’re great, but sometimes they can feel like a battleground. Maintaining a healthy romantic relationship can feel like hard work sometimes, and occasional disagreements can build up over time to become bigger conflicts. Even in the case of couples who never argue, chances are one or both of them are holding in some grievances or emotions, which can cause anxiety and resentment.

cannabis relationship

You can hit the bong, you can vape, try edibles and more – but no matter what cannabis products you use, a little can go a long way in helping you both to relax, and in that newly-found chill-space, you can air your views without the fear of them being received with aggression. While a few glasses of wine can lead to the kind of loose lips that sink (relation)ships, cannabis has the opposite effect. Take advantage of the increased relaxation you’re both feeling and reconnect emotionally. Air your views to your open-minded partner while you’re both suitably chilled, and you may bond on a deeper level. Tackle the day-to-day stuff first, and then move on to the bigger questions like “Did we invent math or discover it?” and “How far up do bald people go when they wash their face?”

One of the many wonderful effects of cannabis is its ability to stimulate creativity in conversation while lowering inhibitions and anxiety. Be careful with your dosage, however, as this has the potential to backfire spectacularly. Imagine you’re feeling carefree and open up to your partner on some of your deepest, most intimate thoughts only to segue off on a tangent about the Universe, only to look up and find they’ve fallen fast asleep on the couch after one too many brownies.

Laughter is the Best Medicine. Cannabis is a Close Second

The power of laughter is something many people believe in. There are even studies on the therapeutic benefits of laughing, which show cannabis improves blood flow to the left temporal and right frontal lobes – areas of the brain associated with laughter.

cannabis relationship

As well as increasing endorphins, boosting that feel-good dopamine and making you feel good, laughter decreases the level of stress hormones like cortisol while improving blood flow and triggering a relaxation response in the brain – all good for your mental health! Grabbing a good strain of weed and hitting the giggles with a partner is one of the best day-to-day applications for cannabis, and as you bond with your partner, some of the negative emotions you’ve been holding on to can float away.

A sativa is your best choice here, as those uplifting effects will have you feeling light as a feather and laughing all night long. Stick on a good comedy, and before you know it, the two of you will be helpless with the giggles.

Cannabis can Enhance Sex

Contrary to alcohol, when things can get a bit on the sloppy side, cannabis can have the opposite effect on your sex life. Your sex organs are full of cannabinoid receptors, so a little weed can grease the wheels for better sex. Cannabis’ known effect as a vasodilator – an ability to widen blood vessels and increase blood flow – can mean more satisfactory erections, and for ladies, getting high can improve circulation through the vaginal region, meaning improved sensitivity. Those two ingredients alone are key factors in ramping things up between the sheets. Still, cannabis is so effective as a sexual tool that many companies now offer cannabis-infused lubes and oils to aid libido, increase sensitivity to touch and heighten stimulation.

cannabis relationship

On a psychological level, cannabis’s powers of relaxation can help suppress inhibition, decrease nervous feelings and anxiety, an increase playfulness and your sense of fun, freeing you up for some truly great sex with your loved one. If you’ve never tried having sex while high, you really should experience this. Set an evening aside to try it and see if you notice the increased arousal and pleasure many cannabis users report feeling during sex. Just make sure you don’t over-indulge beforehand – there’s nothing magical about your partner falling into a stony sleep two minutes into the action!

Use Cannabis to Bond on Activities

Many couples have separate interests, defined roles within the relationship, or hobbies that take them away from each other. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s always good to strengthen your bond by having things to do as a couple. It could be something as simple as Netflix and Ultra-Chill, a few hands of cards or a board game – but there are some great couples activities you can do together either while high or that involve a little recreational use of cannabis.

The preparation and consumption of food is a great bonding experience the world over. Hit the kitchen and bake up a batch of edibles together. There are loads of great recipes right here on the Seedsman blog for delicious food that can be enhanced by adding some cannabis to the mix. Whether you have a sweet tooth or crave savoury, there’s something to suit your palate. It’s no secret that food tastes better after cannabis, too, so once you’re done baking, you can get baked together and enjoy a sensual experience.

If You’re Single

If you’re looking for love, it may come as a pleasant surprise to know that dating sites now cater exclusively to cannabis users. Check out My420Mate, 420 Singles, or the brilliantly-named High There to find your ideal person who shares your love of the green.

cannabis relationship

These sites or apps tend to work much the same as any other dating site – fill in your details, check the boxes to indicate the kind of person you’d like to be matched with, and let the algorithm do the rest without the fear of that awkward moment in your relationship where you have to confess you smoke pot and hope your other half is cool with it.

Finally, Be Responsible

When you and your partner decide on a romantic evening involving marijuana use, remember to be cautious with what you use and how much. Indicas will be more likely to induce sleepiness and couch lock. Sativas tend to be more uplifting and lend themselves to socialising a little better.

If you’d rather skip the psychoactive effects, go for a strain higher in CBD (cannabidiol) than THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and if one or both of you is new to substance use, monitor the dose, check side effects and be mindful of your well-being before trying anything high-risk like cooking!

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

Kyle Connolly