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Does Holding It In Get you More Stoned?

Stoner lore is full of myth and urban legend. One you’ve probably heard, and likely tried yourself, is holding in the hit will get you more stoned.

You’ve been there, stoner circle, the end of the joint. Puff puff pass. But until you’ve reached the end, you can’t exhale until the joint comes back into your hands. Holding it in, apparently, will get you as stoned as possible.

But, does it really? Or, are you just holding your breath like a free diver for no reason?

Let’s separate fact from fiction.

Do You Get More High Holding in Smoke?


There, we didn’t need 1000 words, a slideshow and a BuzzFeed quiz to get you there.

But you did it, and you felt more stoned, right?

Well, you’ve deprived your brain of oxygen longer than usual. That’s why. You don’t need a joint to get that funny feeling. You can do it right now. Hold your breath for as long as you can, ready?







See? You’re lightheaded.

The reality is over 90% of the cannabinoids in your joint pull are absorbed instantly. The feeling you get after holding it in is just you stopping your brain from getting the constant oxygen it needs. When you combine that with the carbon monoxide of a joint you’ll get a little dizzy.

The longer you hold the smoke in, the more your blood pumps to make up for the lack of oxygen. In fact, you holding in that smoke means you’re taking in more toxins then you need to. It’s not very good for your lungs. A few seconds is all you need to ingest all the cannabinoids you need.

How to Properly Inhale Cannabis

This differs on whether or not you’re smoking a joint, a vape, a bong, or whatever else you’ve put together.

  • Slowly inhale most of your hit, follow up with a deep breath of oxygen
  • The oxygen pushes the smoke into the lungs faster, improving THC consumption
  • Don’t hold it in for too long, you’re not doing your body any favours.

Make Your Weed Hits Stronger

Short of holding your breath, here’s a few ways to ensure you get the optimal stone from your weed.

Get a Vape

A vaporizer dones’t heat up the cannabinoids to burn them off. Rather, they reach an optimal temperature to release cannabinoids as vapor. This means you’ll get just as, probably even more stoned without the nastiness of smoke. Vapes differ in price and useablity, but if you find the right one you may never look back again.

Try Dabbing

A sure way for a more potent stone is by dabbing concentrates. It’s a concentrate because the cannabinoids are concentrated – meaning you’re just getting the good stuff. Making your own concentrates is easy, but if you live somewhere where you can obtain them at a dispensary then give it a go.

Dabbing is potent, intense and not recommended for a first-time smoke.

Eat a Mango

We mentioned stoner lore earlier but this is one that’s actually got some reasoning behind it.

Mangoes are full of mycerene, which is a terepene you’ll find in a lot of cannabis strains. Munching a mango before, during or after cannabis consumption is known to speed up THC’s travel to the brain.

And, you get to eat a mango. There’s nothing wrong with that.

A High THC Strain

It’s not rocket science, a strain high in THC will get you more stoned. Our favourites include:

Bubba Cheesecake

Bubba Cheeseake is a brand new strain combining Bubba Kush and CheeseCake, which itself is a cross of Wedding Cake and Exodus Cheese.

holding it in get you more stoned

This legendary lineage combines to produce an Indica powerhouse that’ll satisfy even the most experienced stoners.

Purple Ghost Candy

Purple Ghost Candy is an exciting cross between Ghost OG and one of the very best recent Purple cuts, viz. Candyland Purple. It’s a 60% sativa with 40% indica genetics.

holding it in get you more stoned

THC production is very high at 27.54% with CBD content low. The effect produced is potent with a strong physical side balanced with a cerebrally stimulating effect too. This is a perfect strain to enjoy when just chilling out during a hard-earned rest.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream has established itself as a top strain in its home state of California, with a reputation that is spreading far and wide. It results from crossing Blueberry Ice with a unique U.S. Haze cut to produce a 70% sativa strain.

holding it in get you more stoned

Both scent and taste have a light lemon-citrus quality with berry and Haze notes and a suggestion of Madeira fortified wine. THC content is high, accompanied by low CBD levels. The result is a fine, uplifting, cerebral effect, mentally stimulating, and long-lasting while also being comfortable and relaxing.

No, Holding in a Hit Does Not Get you More Stoned

Next time you’re idiot cousin claims it does, send him this link.

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