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This History of Pineapple Chunk

Pineapple chunk is a strain that can be picked out using only the nose. This strain is named for it’s scent and taste. This is another direction that cannabis breeding can go. As explained in my White Widow article, some strains are bread for their potency. Pineapple Chunk is not one of those strains. Pineapple Chunk was bread for it’s scent and flavor. This is much more in tune with the connoisseur aspect of smoking. Strains like strawberry cough and grape ape are potent, but they do not hold records for their psychoactive cannabinoid content. This does not mean that strains like pineapple chunk, grape ape and strawberry cough aren’t revered, they are, just not for their potency.

These are my favorite types of strains to smoke. I like to enjoy the taste of what I’m taking in and out of my lungs. If I like the taste I’m more likely to smoke “more” of it and inevitably get higher. I still enjoy my potent big-hitters like white widow, green crack and blue dream, but not for a mid-afternoon toke. If I am trying to get pleasantly high I like to choose my weed by its flavor and taste. If I want to get cosmically high, then I choose my weed by its potency and ability to intoxicate.

Regardless of how you pick out your weed, these are two distinct factors that I want you to pay attention to the next time you pick up. Do you choose based on its color? Do you choose based on its smell? Do you pick based on the size of the buds? These are all ways that we pick out our cannabis, but we never really give much thought as to why.

What makes cannabis dank? It’s the pollen. The frosty powder that coats the cannabis colas is what contains cannabinoids. That is what gets you high. Not the cheese smell. Not the lemon lime smell. Not the purple fan leaves. Not the big buds. It all breaks down to the pollen and it’s THC content. But is THC the only factor in good bud?

Of course not.

I have smoked plenty of potent strains that taste crummy. Chem Dawg, Hashplant, and MK ULTRA are three examples of this. None of these are particularly tasty, but they do get the user high. So what about those tasty strains that aren’t as potent? Those are my favorite. Sure I like to get high. Sure I like to get really high really quickly. But at the end of the day, sometimes you just want the taste. That’s where strains like Pineapple Chunk gain their notoriety. Because they taste good. If it tastes good, then you’re going to want more than one taste. That is where these strains succeed. Because they get users to come back for more.

Picking weed is a process and I believe there are not enough people in 2014 who tailor their weed choices to their types of smoking. Some days we want taste. Some days we want potency. Neither is better or superior, they are just “different.” My hope is that these differences will be more apparent to you the next time you are picking out your cannabis.

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by Maxwell Bradford

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