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Growing Together: Purple Ghost Candy

With Halloween approaching, what better strain to review than Purple Ghost Candy.

Purple Ghost Candy is the progeny of Ghost OG and one of the very best recent Purple cuts, viz. Candyland Purple. It is a potent, easy to grow, sativa dominant strain that produces high yields and resin content. It has been getting a reputation as a go-to for extract makers, which is why I chose to give it a go.

The Grow Site

I grew these Purple Ghost Candy seeds in my 3×3 Mars Hydro indoor grow tent. Inside the tent, I used Mars Hydro Amazon FC3000 LED Full Spectrum grow lights. I used AC Infinity intake fans, an oscillating fan, and a dehumidifier to control the temperature and humidity.

Purple Ghost Candy

Growing during spring and summertime in Canada means managing a significant change in the weather. Spring starts off damp and cool and leads up to hotter days and high humidity as summer unfolds. I run my AC inside at all times to help keep the grow tents under the right conditions.  I use a 6″ Infinity fan to pull air into the bottom of the tent, and another one is installed on the top, drawing air out of the tent. The oscillating fan is placed at the bottom of the tent, working 24/7. The dehumidifier works all day to try and bring the humidity down.

The average temperature during vegetation was 22°, with an average humidity of 53%. The average temperature during flower was 25°c with a humidity of 55%.

Germinating Purple Ghost Candy

I soaked the seeds in room temperature water for 12 hours in a small shot glass. Once the shell had cracked open, and the taproots were visible, I folded the open seed into a wet paper towel and placed that into a plastic baggie that I left open. I put the bag in a dark cupboard for 24 hours.

Next, I planted the cracked open seed into a small nursery bag filled with Pro-mix HP, tap root down into the medium, with the seed shell just below the soil mix. The germination rate was 100%.

The Grow

After the mesh nursery bags, I transplanted the seedlings into 1-gallon plastic pots and finished them in a 5-gallon fabric pot. I grew 2 plants in the 3×3 grow tent.

Purple Ghost Candy

The plants were in veg for 50 days and flower for 50 days. This strain finished flowering quickly and was chopped down 50 days from flipping to flower. The veg light cycle was 18 on, and 6 off, and the flowering was 12 on and 12 off.

It was a reasonably easy grow. The plants stayed short but grew wide during the veg growth and had huge sprouting fan leaves. They then doubled in size during flowering. I didn’t apply any stress on this run, nor any particular topping or pruning techniques. The plants held up well and didn’t need any extra support.

Purple Ghost Candy

Plant description

The plants reached 4ft tall and 2.5 ft wide.  The buds grew nicely along the stems making the trim job reasonably straightforward, as long as the plant is pruned adequately before flowering.

This strain can grow huge leaves, which was impressive given the size of the plant.  The sugar leaves and buds were covered in trichomes. Buds were golf ball-sized and tear-shaped with fox tailing.

Purple Ghost Candy is a beautiful plant. The leaves and flowers almost shine from the number of frosty trichomes! As the flowers develop, purple begins to set, but it’s hard to see from all the trichomes! There’s a beautiful silver glow to the flowers. Towards the end of flowering, the buds truly resemble a disco ball.

Harvesting, Drying, Curing

I always cut my plants down on the day they would require watering – cutting the plant at the base of the stem and flipping it over to hang dry in one piece. Then, I let it dry for 10 days before dry trimming the buds and storing them in amber glass jars.

I cured the buds in amber glass jars (using humidity packs inside the jars) and stored them in a dark cupboard. They were opened once a day for approximately 10 to 15 minutes for 1 week in total.

The dry weight per plant was 225 grams.

Taste and Effects

Purple Ghost Candy has a delightful and enjoyable taste that I have since found myself craving. It’s fruity with a sweet lemony touch. While the taste alone is enough to make me smile, the effect of this strain is very uplifting, making me feel happy and energetic.

I made bubble hash and pressed that into rosin. The hash was beautiful in colour, very similar to the colour of light sand. It was of fantastic quality. Pressing it into rosin really amplified the flavour. So fruity and tasty! I would highly recommend this.

Buy your own Purple Ghost Candy Seeds

Now that you know how I grew it and how it turned out, get ready to grow your own by clicking here and adding Purple Ghost Candy seeds to your basket. Any questions leave them in the comment box below and I’ll get back to you!

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Mandy Gosselin

I work in a veterinary clinic as an assistant and clinic supervisor. I grow medical cannabis with my husband. I love animals and have 2 dogs and 3 cats that share our home here in Quebec. I have a passion for growing cannabis plants, trying different strains and training techniques. I am currently learning more about extracts and how to make them. Making my own bubble hash, rosin, oil and butter.