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Growing Together: Peyote WiFi

Peyote WiFi is the result of crossing WiFi (The W‪hite x Fire OG) with Peyote Purple, the colourful Bubba Kush pheno. This strain stands out on account of its ridiculously heavy resin content and its distinctly gassy terpene profile with a sweet undertone. It’s a very nice smelling strain and an amazing strain for extracts.

The Indoor Grow

This plant was harvested at day 72. It could have been taken down slightly earlier at around day 65 but I waited for 50% milky resin glands. This plant could also have gone a little longer to approx day 77 to achieve a more sedating effect. I grew it for 6 weeks prior to blooming, so the total duration from germination to harvest was 114 days. I grew the plants under low lighting due to heat issues so the grow time could have been faster under ideal conditions.

I grew them in 9 litre root prune pots of  buffered coconut coir, inoculated with beneficial bacteria and fungi and fed them with a blend of Terpmax dry mineral feeds and biostimulants such as kelp, humic acid and fulvic acid. They were grown on a run to waste system, fed via 2 flood drippers per pot, 2 x a day and illuminated by 2 x 640w full spectrum LEDs. Inside a 2.4m x x 2m tall tent. My lights were on during the night to compensate for cooler temperatures. Lights off temperatures were approx 19oC and 27oC during lights on.

Peyote WiFi was very easy to grow, required zero special attention and displayed no deficiencies or problems throughout the entire grow cycle. This would make it suitable for beginners and professionals alike. I had cold nights and cool light on temperatures due to it being winter here and me using LEDs to grow it, but it grew at a steady pace and did not stretch more than 2x.

Growth and Flowering

Peyote WiFi has a sturdy stem, thick branches and fine leaves. It has a compact tight noded structure and when blooming it sports long slender pointed spears of  resin crusted buds with hues of maroon, purple and red.  I always top my plants multiple times and manipulate branches for an even canopy so i can’t really comment on its natural shape.

I didn’t need to support any of these peyote hybrids; the Bubba passed good strong stems that support its weight. I actually tie branches down to open the centre of the plant and allow more light penetration. But this is all choice and isn’t required at all.

Harvesting, drying and curing

The yield could be improved with canopy management: it would benefit from scrogging or high density Sea Of Green style cultivation as the buds aren’t solid and are somewhat light.  I yielded just 55g from one plant.  I will definitely grow it again but this time i will not top it as some strains are more suited to growing one dominant cola and don’t respond well to topping. I am hoping with a high density style SOG grow it will yield a little more.

This was a simple plant to trim due to its low leaf to calyx ratio. It produced copious resin. i haven’t made extracts from it yet but I will add to this report as soon as i do, as i suspect this will yield well over 20% resin yield based on previous experience. When you grind the flowers, you can feel the resin stuck to your fingers as you build a joint. I suspect this will be awesome for making shatter or rosin.

Smell and Taste

It has a lovely deep gassy smell and meaty dominant terpenes with sweet undertones. It tastes savoury, almost piney with a strange meatiness. When you exhale the sweet terpenes savoury our mouth, leaving you licking your lips. it is a very desirable strain and very enjoyable in both taste  effects.


This is a potent strain that is more suited to evening relaxation. I find it is a good medicinal strain that helps me with my neck pain and leaves me feeling deeply relaxed, but also gives me raving munchies. I strongly suggest not to smoke before going grocery shopping or you might return home laden with cakes and biscuits! This strain is great for anyone with appetite problems.  The high is clear and non confusing but complete and medicinal. I enjoy smoking this strain in the evenings.

Final Comments

This plant seems to be Bubba Kush dominant in structure and resin, but with the combined high terpene meatiness of the WiFi strain which is well known for its unique terpene profile. I think the potency is better than either Bubba or WiFi with the medicinal traits combining well.  I am hoping to improve yields in future as i think this plant could take a higher feed level, but when running mixed strain grows i always ebb on the side of caution.  Some time in the future, I will try Sea Of Green style and slightly higher EC feeds to try to find its sweet spot. 

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