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Growing Together: Peyote Forum Strain Review

Peyote Forum is an indica-sativa cross between the legendary Forum Cookies, a pheno-type of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), and the potent Peyote Purple cannabis strains. I have always been fond of GSC because of its relaxing and de-stressing effects and wanted to grow the Peyote Forum to see how the Forum Cookies combined with other genetics. Having heard that the Peyote Purple packed a punch and knowing GSC is also fairly potent, I was interested in the possibility of a very potent strain.

What makes Peyote Forum stand out?

From early on in the grow, the Peyote Forum was vigorous and all phenotypes had tight nodes. While training the plants I noticed that Peyote Forum #5 had a sticky stem and a strong smell. Number 5 turned out to be my favourite plant: it has dense buds, tons of resin, a gorgeous cookie-dominant terpene profile and packs on lots of weighty buds.

The Indoor Grow

From seed to harvest took 114 days, but the growth stage was extended by me needing to run low lighting to compensate for excessive temperatures during a mini heatwave. I also used new LED fixtures for the first time during this grow and noticed all of the strains grown under them took much longer than expected to fully ripen. I am guessing the lights need more infrared and far red diodes.

I grow all my cannabis in root prune pots filled with coco coir, inoculated with mycorrmax beneficials and fed via a run to waste drip system. Apart from extra bamboo supports to hold up the heavy branches for the final 3 weeks, this strain didn’t require any special treatment.

I had no problems growing Peyote Forum; it was a doddle, with fast, vigorous growth, strong sturdy stems, not too much leaf, no nutrient sensitivity issues, and it dealt with cold nights well and packed on weight steadily. It would be a great choice for the beginner grower.


All the peyote forum plants looked just like cookies but with slightly longer fan leaves but the buds are super cookie dominant in appearance, structure and smell but with a slightly added layer of sour funk.

This is an extractors dream, it has a very heavy resin content and big trichomes that are potent and smelly. I am yet to press any into rosin but I am keeping pheno 5 to monocrop later, at which time I will have a good amount of trim to process into extracts. Then I will be able to comment properly regarding its extract worthiness.


The Peyote Forum was the best strain for weight out of all the Peyote hybrids.  The average yield was 109g with the best weighing 131g. It’s pretty easy to trim. In fact all the Peyote hybrids are a doddle to trim and once the fan leaves are removed it doesn’t take long before you have perfectly trimmed coffeeshop quality buds.

Smell and Taste 

The terpene profile is mostly cookie-dominant, but the Peyote Purple has added another layer of funk with a sort of sour twang going on. I usually try not to describe a strains terpenes until after a good cure due to the volatile terpenes escaping during curing leaving the true dominant terpenes. This usually take approximately 4 weeks, at which point I will reevaluate and update.

Taste-wise, this is my second favourite tasting strain out of this run of Peyotes – for its cereal, moreish, lip-smacking cookie tasting buds. It is hard to describe, but for me it has caramel and coffee with a sort of tamarind background that gives it that sour taste to compliment its aroma.

The Effects

This is a keeper for sure with a happy buzz that makes me want to listen to music or watch a movie. It’s not a strain for work though. It doesn’t keep me focused, so I find it’s best for relaxing, and doing nothing but enjoying the happy relaxed vibe this strain gives you.

Its high is thorough and lasting with no ceiling, which I suspect is a trait from the Peyote Purple as I usually get bored fast smoking straight cookies and I noticed the Peyote Wifi has the same deep, thorough medicinal effect.

Grow Tips

As mentioned before I grow in root prune pots filled with inoculated coco coir fed with terpmax feed and biostimulants such as humic acid, fulvic acid and kelp. I use a run to waste system so my plants only ever see perfectly balanced, ideal PH feeds, as nothing returns to my reservoir to dilute my nutrients. The root prune pots increase yields by creating super dense root systems. The plants were grown under 2 x 640w full spectrum led fixtures measuring 1000mm x 1100 mm which almost fill my tent and deliver even PAR lighting to every corner of my grow space and produce 45% less heat than HID lights. 

I am looking forward to experimenting with this strain as I noticed it paled slightly early, as soon as I reduced feed EC at week 6, so that usually indicates they could take higher EC feeds. Next time I plan to test SEA of Green as the tops were big grown as a bush, so i am guessing it would produce very long hard heavy buds with just one single dominant cola.This run was fed at 1.4EC but i will push her to 1.8EC next run and compare results.

Strain Rating

To conclude, this is a great all round strain – 8 out of 10!

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