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Growing Together: Mandy Gosselin reviews Seedsman’s high CBD strains

Why grow high CBD strains?

I grow high CBD plants to use as medication because I have horrible anxiety! My husband is a cancer survivor, living with chronic back and nerve pain. Using cannabis has thankfully been a positive thing for both of us and CBD is an essential component of our medicine cabinet.

I enjoy vaping high CBD strains: they calm me down, reduce panic attacks, help me socialise and also get work done. I like to press the flower into rosin, leaving it to cold cure for 2 weeks if possible. I make my own infused oils that I use to infuse our food. I also infuse my own bath bombs, bath salts and soaps with homemade high CBD oil. I enjoy taking a hot infused bath before bed to help relax and sooth any aches and pains.  

Cannabis is an important medicine. These high CBD strains from Seedsman offer people the opportunity to grow high quality, full spectrum, high terpene strains. Everyone should be growing and sharing the benefits of cannabis.

Doctor Seedsman 30:1

This is a great strain for beginners. Growers will be very happy with the large size of this plant and multiple colas it can produce. The stems are strong and able to hold up the large buds until harvest. It is a high yielding plant with large dense flowers that can be grown indoor and outdoor.

The high CBD and very low THC (below 1%) is perfect if you are looking for a full spectrum high CBD plant with very little, to no, THC effects. Its high resin content makes it a good choice for those looking to make concentrates.

The flavour profile is sour lemon with pine and pepper. It has a very intense flavour that lingers and tickles your nose making you want to sneeze.  The effects are relaxing and calming. It can help with soreness and insomnia without any high sensation from THC.

This plant grows beautiful large bright green flowers with leaves fading to dark purple. It grows well indoor, however, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is important when growing outdoors as it can be susceptible to pests.

This is a perfect strain to make full spectrum, high CBD oils or tinctures.  Use these to infuse foods, beverages and topicals with the benefits of CBD with zero high from THC.

Cookies Chill CBD 2:1

This is another simple plant to grow that will respond well to early topping and training. It is perfect for outdoor growing. Grown naturally or topped and trained this strain is a high producer and will give you good yields .

This high CBD strain offers full spectrum medicine with a good amount of THC making it well balanced. It produces a lot of resin and is perfect for making oils, tinctures and extracts. The terpene profile is extremely enjoyable to smoke and makes a very tasty oil or butter.

This strain is my favourite of all the high CBD strains I’ve grown. The terpenes create a unique flavour – offering the taste of cookies, with a nutty and earthy taste! The flavour really develops as it cures. It has all the benefits of the Doctor Seedsman strain but watch out as this strain can definitely get you high. It is ideal for pain relief, inflammation and anxiety, really helping to relax the body and mind. Be prepared with snacks, this strain may open your appetite.

This strain produces many bud sites. Taking advantage of topping and training early is key. I recommend a scrog net: training the plant to grow along the scrog exposing the bud sites will create beautiful, dense resinous flowers. When grown outdoors, it is resistant to mould and does extremely well in high humidity during the peak of summer and can survive several cold nights before harvest. I had zero mould or pest management issues with this strain.

Pink Kush CBD Auto 30:1

For someone who wants to start small, has limited space and experience, this is the perfect starting strain. It is a very easy autoflower to grow.

With high CBD and very little THC this strain is extremely enjoyable to smoke and grow. It can be grown in a veg tent with phenotype plants. Although yields are small, it will quickly produce quality flowers that have a sweet candy and berry smell. The taste is as good as it smells. It is sweet and almost juicy. This is a great strain for someone who chases terps. The effects are calming and uplifting with zero psychoactive power.

Pink Kush CBD Auto is a great choice for a grow bed. The seeds will produce smaller bushy plants that grow beautiful pink/purple flowers that dry dark purple. These feminized autoflower plants can grow start to finish within 12 weeks or less.

My top tip for this plant would be to pop seeds directly into their finishing pot. This way the seedling isn’t disturbed or stressed by re-potting.

Sharing is caring

I’ve had the pleasure of sharing these plants with people I’ve met in the cannabis community as well as  family and friends: people who have chronic pain, depression, anxiety, nerve pain, loss of appetite and insomnia.

Using these strains daily or as needed helps bring them relief and manage some of the symptoms they have. Helping them manage pain, for example, helps them rest, eat and socialise.  One things for sure, the most common response I get is, “do you have more!”

Those with severe pain will often medicate by smoking cannabis, eating edibles and using topicals to soak in or rub on.  Some of my community members find soaking in bath bombs and using topicals to be very helpful for menstrual pains and inflammation to help them rest or get on with their day.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

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Mandy Gosselin

I work in a veterinary clinic as an assistant and clinic supervisor. I grow medical cannabis with my husband. I love animals and have 2 dogs and 3 cats that share our home here in Quebec. I have a passion for growing cannabis plants, trying different strains and training techniques. I am currently learning more about extracts and how to make them. Making my own bubble hash, rosin, oil and butter.