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Growing Cannabis for Beginners Part 6 – Drying and Curing

In this final instalment of the Growing Cannabis For Beginners series, we are going to go over how to process and cure your buds so that they are smooth, flavorful, and high quality for smoking. Curing is an essential part of the growing process, and can mean the difference between harsh, low quality cannabis and top shelf buds. Let’s get started.

Drying and Curing

At the end of Part 5, your cannabis was still on branches hanging up to dry. After a few days, they will start to feel crispy on the outside. When you feel that they are getting dry on the outside, remove the buds from the stems and load them in to paper bags (regular grocery bags work fine). Only fill each bag about a quarter of the way, so that the buds are not too crowded. Keep the tops of the bags open for the first few days, and shake them a few times per day. The buds will continue to dry out as you decrease the number of times you shake the bag until you are only doing it once per day. Your buds should feel continually drier and drier, but still have a spring to them that lets you know there is moisture on the inside.

Once your buds feel completely dry on the outside, you can roll the tops of the bags down to seal them. Continue to open them up once per day and shake, being careful to avoid letting condensation build up. As you can imagine, this is a delicate process that takes careful observation and trusting your own intuition. If you see a lot of condensation, you can go back to te previous step and keep the bags open for a few days to dry the buds out even more.

After a few days, move your buds into extra-large sized glass canning jars. Only fill these about three quarters full. Seal the jars and watch for slight condensation on the inside of the glass. You should see this condensation approximately once per day, at which point you will want to open the jars up and shake them for a few minutes to dry the condensation out. As you continue this process the time in between opening the jars will get longer and longer, from daily to every other day, to once a week, and so on. If at any point during this process you smell a mildew odour, you need to throw that jar out because it is ruined, as there is unfortunately no cure for mildew on cannabis. This is why it is crucial to check your jars daily or even multiple times per day.

Once your buds no longer cause condensation in the jar, you are done! You now have freshly cured, home grown cannabis that you can store in sealed jars without the risk of mould or mildew.

We hope you have enjoyed this series on how to grow cannabis, and that you now have the confidence to take your knowledge and start your own grow!

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