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Grow Room Temperature Control – What Happens if it is too Hot?

Last week, we released an article detailing what can happen in your grow room if temperatures get too cold. Well, since we want to ensure that we offer comprehensive information about all topics of cultivation, this week we will be focusing on what can happen if the temperatures in your grow room are too hot!

If any of the problems listed below apply to what you are seeing in your grow room, it may be time to turn that heat down!

Hot Grow Room?

Unlike colder temperatures, it would take a lot for a cannabis plant to die purely from an overheated grow room. However, too much warmth can have a serious impact on the length of time it takes to grow your plants.

During the flowering stage of the cultivation process, you must ensure that your grow room temperature does not exceed 75°F. Temperatures exceeding this can do irreparable damage to the potency, smell and taste of your plants. If you want to guarantee that your grow reaches its full potential, keeping an eye on the temperature during flowering stage is essential.

A overheated grow room can also lead to a number of other problems with your plants. Firstly, nutrient burn can occur through increased water transpiration at high temperatures. Mildew can also appear, especially if the room becomes too humid. Terpenes can also disappear from your plants if they are overheated, which removes those classic flavours and aromas from your strains.

The Ideal Temperature for your Grow Room

This information can also be found in our Cold Grow Room article.

During the vegetative stage of your plants growth, temperatures will need to be a little warmer than in the flowering stage. This is a key part of the cultivation process for your plants, so they need that little bit of extra heat to ensure success. A temperature of around 70-85F (20-30c) will suffice.

When it is time for the flowering stage, you can slightly reduce the temperature of your grow room to 70-80F (20-26c). Always remember that there should be around a 10 degree difference between night and day temps if you want to achieve the best results.

Essentially, it is all about reacting to a temperature that you believe doesn’t feel right. If you feel too cold in your grow room, your plants will likely feel too cold as well.

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