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The Best Skunk Strains On Seedsman

If you like your weed potent and pungent, this article is one you won’t want to miss. We’ll look at what Skunk is, and recommend some of the best Skunk strains on Seedsman.

What is Skunk Cannabis?

Skunk is a classification of cannabis, in the same way that Cheese, Kush, or Haze are. These three types of weed are a Holy Trinity of cannabis – each has different genetic foundations and its own set of qualities and properties that set them apart. They differ in how they grow and taste, but all three varieties are potent.

Skunk cannabis strains are especially noted for their potency and aroma – hence the name Skunk. Like the smelly, furry mammal, good Skunk cannabis will reek the place out. Unlike the animal, however, most cannasseurs run toward the smell rather than away from it!

Skunk is most commonly associated with the legendary Sam the Skunkman of the Sacred Seed Co – a group of Californian breeders who were the first to be linked to the uber-aromatic Skunk weed strains back in the 1970s. In the early 1980s, Sam the Skunkman took a box of his potent Skunk Seeds to Amsterdam, where he introduced the Dutch Masters to something new – some of the most potent and aromatic weed they’d ever experienced. And that’s Amsterdam!

That gift would be known as Skunk #1, and it would go on to be the genetic backbone for countless new strains of fabulous weed. Skunk #1 is a parent to many of your favourite cannabis strains, both old-skool and modern classic varieties.

A hybrid of Afghan Indica, Mexican Sativa, and Colombian Gold Sativa, the now-legendary Skunk #1 went on to scoop the Cannabis Cup in 1988 and soon became the world’s first commercial hybrid strain. Do you want a strain with some pedigree? Skunk #1 is hard to beat. 

What Makes a Good Skunk strain?

Growing a Skunk strain means a shorter flowering time than something like a Haze. For that reason, Skunk strains are often popular with home growers looking for a quick turnaround on some high-THC cannabis. Skunks tend to grow to medium heights, but they pack a wallop in their effects and aromas. As you can see, they’re popular for a reason. 

In recent years, the name ‘Skunk’ has graduated to a byword for all high-potency cannabis, regardless of variety. Rather than get into the nuances of genetics and types, in many parts of the world, Skunk is simply the frame of reference used to define heroically powerful cannabis. It’s not entirely inaccurate, as many of the more mind-blowing strains out there fall under the Skunk banner. But what makes a good Skunk?

It’s a straightforward answer – smell and potency make a good Skunk strain. The good news is, thanks to the Skunk #1 genetics behind every Skunk strain, it’s hard to go wrong when you’re choosing a Skunk. Do your homework for your growing conditions beforehand, and hop over to the Seedsman website to choose one that suits your set-up.

But enough preamble – let’s get to our recommendations of the best Skunk strains on Seedsman!

Original Skunk #1

It doesn’t get better than this. If you’re new to Skunk weed, start with the daddy of them all. Skunk #1 is the gold standard and gave birth to everything after. The three-way hybrid of Afghani Indica/Acapulco Gold Sativa and Colombian Gold Sativa is the Great White Shark of parent strains, and you owe it to yourself to try it at least once.

Buds are well packed with resin and offer the strong smell and sweet taste you’d hope for in a classic Skunk cannabis strain. THC levels are high, at around 20%, and yields are generous at 450-500gm/m2. This is an excellent strain for beginners to grow, and you can reap the reward of this all-time classic after a 9-week flowering period.

Treat yourself to a classic today. Skunk #1 regular seeds are available now at

Early Skunk

In a hurry and looking to produce a superb Skunk a little quicker? Get your hands on Early Skunk feminised seeds and get growing. This indica-dominant variety combines Early Pearl and Original Skunk #1. The result is quality Skunk cannabis with a shorter flowering time than the original.

Another easy-to-grow strain, Early Skunk flowers in 8 weeks and offers superb effects. It’s a popular choice with fans of medical cannabis, thanks to its winning reputation for fighting depression. A word of warning, though – load up on the snacks, as this strain can lead to severe munchies!

Best Skunk Strains

Early Skunk has generous yields of floral-tasting buds, between 450 and 550 gm/m2. It grows well indoors and out, producing plants of up to 200cm in height.

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Skunk XL

Royal Queen Seeds have the answer if high yields are what you’re after. Skunk XL will produce up to 650 gm/m2 of top-notch indica-sativa hybrid for indoor growers. Outdoor yields are around 700 gm/plant.

Skunk XL is a great pick to maximise your yields if you’re tight on space. Indoor growers will find these plants seldom exceed 100cm, making them an ideal choice for smaller areas. Ensure adequate air circulation to get the most from your yield.

Best Skunk Strains

The flavours of Skunk XL are extremely dank and fruity, making it a good pick for the connoisseur’s palate. THC in the region of 20% makes this a highly potent strain for a good balanced, stoned effect.

Skunk XL feminised seeds are available now at

Purple Skunk Auto

Great Skunk in an autoflowering format is a good thing. Sensi Seeds have produced just that with Purple Skunk Auto. The mostly-indica hybrid of Shiva Skunk, Skunk #1 and a Hindu Kush auto make for another high-potency plant with relaxation to the fore.

Best Skunk Strains

Bring your ‘A’ game with the aroma control because these girls are supremely pungent, and the smell is unmistakable. Earthy, Skunky, herbal and spicy with a sweet edge means the taste will keep you entertained almost as long as the effect. Purple Skunk Auto flowers in 8 weeks and yields are high.

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Sweet Skunk Automatic

Royal Queen Seeds now offers a fast-flowering Skunk which crosses two Spanish strains – Green Poison and the superbly-named Autoflowering Big Devil #2. It’s a mostly-indica auto, and flowers in 8 weeks to produce respectable yields around 450gm/m2 if grown indoors.

If you like your weed with a fruity flavour, Sweet Skunk Auto won’t disappoint. 15% THC is the prize from the glittering, resinous buds, and the supremely relaxing body effect is sumptuous.

Sweet Skunk Auto is another compact plant, perfect for covert indoor grows as it won’t take up too much space. Plants are unlikely to surpass 100cm in height.

Sweet Skunk Automatic feminised seeds are available from Seedsman now!

Skunk Haze CBD

If you’re looking for something a bit different in a Skunk, the master breeders at Dutch Passion have just the thing. Skunk Haze CBD combines the best of a Skunk/Haze with a high CBD variety, leading to a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD with superb therapeutic effects.

It’s less psychoactive than traditional Skunk strains, so there is no need to worry about serious impairment or couch-lock tendencies here. These are taller plants with dense, airy buds and respectable yields are all but assured.

Skunk Haze CBD’S medicinal benefits include assisting with inflammation, pain, and anxiety, making it just the thing to soothe you after a long, hard day. This killer combination strain has a glittering CV, having scooped many awards over its lifetime – and who doesn’t want to try award-winning weed?

Pick up Skunk Haze CBD feminised seeds today from

Got a favourite Skunk strain? Tell us about it in the comments.

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