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Fun Games To Play When You’re High

We all like to kick back and watch a good movie or TV series when stoned, but sometimes it’s good to stimulate the ol’ grey matter, too. You can have a great time playing games if you’re chilling with friends, a partner, or even by yourself. Seedsman looks at some fun games to play when you’re high.

Why Play Games When You’re High?

Playing games is an excellent way to bond with others and have fun simultaneously. Even better, you can challenge yourself. If you’ve been hitting a sativa, chances are you’ve got a creative, cerebral buzz. Now’s a great time to tap into that brain high and get busy flexing those mental muscles.

Get thinking in a group game, or lose yourself in a solo endeavour. Either way, games are a great way to pass the time, have fun, and improve your decision-making skills and cognitive function. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most fun games to play when you’re stoned.

Chronic Heroes

For: as many people as you like

Could this be the ultimate in smoke sesh games? The manufacturers think so, and they may have a point. The premise couldn’t be any simpler – Chronic Heroes is a box of cards. Pick a card, and follow the instructions. That’s it.

On the face of it, that doesn’t sound particularly impressive, but the instructions on the cards make it unique. Each card is decorated with a fantastic graphic, a strain name, and an instruction. The instructions are typically smoking-related; for example, “take three hits and blow a smoke ring”. If you successfully blow a smoke ring, you sustain no damage”. If you fail a task, you sustain damage and can even ‘die’ in the game, at which point you’re out. It’s got an RPG feel to it in that respect, so if you like Dungeons and Dragons or similar role-playing classics, this is the game for you.

Chronic Heroes is available here

Cards Against Humanity

For: 3 Players or More

Each player submits their chosen answer card face down in the centre of the table. The Card Tzar will then shuffle and read each answer. The winner of the round is whoever plays the card the Tzar deems the funniest. That player then takes the turn of the Card Tzar.

Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious card game where each player draws ten white cards, which are potential answer cards. Someone is appointed the Card Tzar and chooses a black (question) card, placing it face up and reading aloud to the group. The card contains a statement or question containing a blank (For example – “Stop, or my mom will ____”. The players must look through their white cards to find the funniest potential answer. 

The fun of Cards Against Humanity lies in the unending possible combinations for humorous outcomes. Each white card contains a funny statement which can be paired with the message on the black card to make a hilarious, controversial, irreverent outcome when you read both cards together. Cards Against Humanity is a hoot when you’re sober. When you’re high, it’s chaos. Knock it up a notch by taking a puff every time you win a hand.

Learn more about Cards Against Humanity here

Lords of Cannabis

For: 2-6 players

Wait, there’s a cannabis-themed board game? Yes, there is! Think of it as a strategy game aiming to conquer the marijuana marketplace. Build a hempire as a weed dealer, avoid the feds, the mob and other players as you work your way around the board. You can even end up the head of the mob!

Serious gamers will have heard of the epic Settlers Of Catan – Lords of Cannabis is a similar premise but from a weed Kingpin’s perspective. Okay, if you haven’t heard of Settlers of Catan, think Monopoly but for the weed industry. You and your friends can gather around the table, blaze up some quality weed of your own, and go head to head in a bid to find the ultimate marijuana mogul.

Learn more about Lords of Cannabis

Hemp Heroes

For: 2-6 people

Another board game weed lovers can get enthusiastic about is Hemp Heroes. This one is truly marijuana Monopoly, but instead of buying up properties, the aim is to buy up as many cannabis strains as possible. Save up for sativas, or invest in indicas – the choice is yours. You can even win cannabis cups! Players roll the dice to move race the board, and if you land on a strain, you can buy it up before your competitors get the chance. Hang on….land….race…..? These cunning people know what they’re doing!

Like Community Chest and Chance in Monopoly, Hemp Heroes features ‘smoker cards’ that provide punishments and rewards to add joy and jeopardy to the game – you never know what you’ll end up with. Hemp Heroes is a fun game for pot enthusiasts to play when stoned.

Hemp Heroes is available to buy online


For: 2-8 people

This is a game for stoners! Rather than a cannabis-themed variation on a classic board game, Roll-a-Bong is a track board, meaning there’s a clear beginning and an end, as opposed to the round-the-board format of the others. Players roll the dice to land on a square, and each square carries an instruction for the player.

This game is highly recommended for weed smokers, as you’ll find smoking among the tasks on the squares. You’ll find ‘pack a bong’, ‘smoke a bowl’ ‘, eat a snack’ and ‘change tunes’ among the commands on the board squares, making it an all-encompassing experience. A game that tells you to get baked and have something to eat? Now that we can get on board with!

Learn more about Roll-A-Bong

Never Have I Ever

For: 2 players or more

Ah, the classic group game. All you need for this is your imagination – and some weed. We’ve probably all played Never Have I Ever at some point, but just in case you haven’t, here are the rules:

Everybody who’s playing gathers together, and one person goes first. Each round begins with someone saying “Never Have I Ever” and then presents a situation to the group. Everyone who’s done the thing you haven’t has to hit the joint/bong. For example, “Never Have I Ever gotten a tattoo”. Then, everyone with a tattoo must take a hit on the joint/bong. Move around the group clockwise or anti-clockwise until everyone’s taken a turn. Depending on how many people are playing, everyone should be nicely baked by the time you’re finished. 

The beauty of Never Have I Ever is in the scenarios you present. It can be as tame as you like or as wild as you wish. It’s even better if you know your group well. For example, if you know someone in the group has done something particularly outlandish, you can use that to your advantage here. “Never have I ever been caught by the police, peeing in a bush while dressed in a clown suit”. Cue much mortification from that person as they take a long and shameful toke on their joint. This game can last all night and can be played at any pace.

Cannabis Categories

For: 2 or more players

Here’s another fun group activity requiring nothing but weed and imagination. Pick a category, and work your way through the alphabet. If the category is movie names, everybody has to come up with a movie beginning with A, then B, and so on until you reach Z. Then, if you want to, pick a new category and go again!

Determining winners, losers and who hits the joint is up to you, but it can be done in several ways. You can make it so that whoever fails to come up with an answer has to take a puff and sit out the rest of the game. Alternatively, you can make it so that everybody except them gets a pass on the joint every time someone sits out.

Put a real cannabis-themed spin on your game by making the first category cannabis strain names – you’ll quickly separate the serious smokers from the part-timers!

The Movie Game

For: As many people as you like

Another popular game to play with friends during a sesh, this is a popular drinking game, but you’ll last far longer if you use weed instead of booze. It combines several fun activities – watching a movie, playing a game, and casually smoking weed.

Pick a movie (or a TV show, if you prefer) and decide beforehand what the trigger word should be. Then, whenever someone says the trigger word in the movie, take a bong rip/joint hit. This is a classic party game and helps keep you (somewhat alert) during the film as you listen out for the trigger word.

It’s best to make sure you have plenty of weed in the house for this one and pass the joint/bong around the group every time you hear the magic word. If you’re using joints, make sure to have a few pre-rolled. If more than four people are playing, that joint will go away pretty fast if you’re watching Superman and pick ‘Superman’ as the trigger word. 

Make sure you pick a word likely to come up in the script. Don’t pick a word like ‘onomatopoeia’ and then wonder why the joint’s still not even lit as the end credits roll.


For: 4 or more players

Here’s a fun game to play when you’re high, with the potential for hilarity and chaos in equal measure. This isn’t like the other board games. Cranium’s been around for a while, having debuted in 1998, but the game’s creators came up with a novel twist on the classic trivia quiz format by adding challenges. This game makes you do silly stuff.

The beauty lies in the level of involvement required. For stoners, playing this game while high is going to be challenging – but you can also expect much merriment with marijuana. 

The gameplay is divided into four categories: Creative Cat, Data Head, Star Performer and Word Worm. Whenever you land on a space on the board, you’ll find yourself on one of these categories and will receive a question specific to that category. You’ll have to answer the question, but with the added jeopardy of having a timer on you. You might have to hum a tune, spell a word backwards, draw something, or make an impromptu clay sculpture to progress. Add to the madness by hitting the joint if you’re successful – or, if you prefer, hit the joint if you fail. It’s up to you, but a game of Cranium is one of the best laughs you can have when you’re high.

Cranium is available to buy

Mario Kart

For: As many people as you like, provided you take turns

Mario Kart? That’s right. Good old Mario Kart. Picture it – everyone’s high, and you want a fun activity that isn’t too taxing. Enter Mario Kart. What could be more beautiful in its simplicity – or more suited to stoners – than sitting on the couch, piloting a go-kart driven by a plumber around a psychedelic-looking track while throwing shells at a gorilla?

You can zone in or zone out while playing Mario Kart. It’s one of the most successful and addictive games ever made, having made its debut in 1992 and still going strong today on its fourteenth incarnation. Mario Kart’s gameplay is simple but compelling, with umpteen different characters, tracks and slippery scenarios to avoid as you race. 

The winner stays on. Pass the joint between races. If you’re looking for nice, easy-going fun, a roomful of people getting high and playing Mario Kart can easily end up one of the best nights you’ll have. It doesn’t matter if you’re forty years old. It’s still fun.

Learn all about the Mario Kart legacy here

Got a favourite game to play when you’re high? Let us know in the comments.

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