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Exploring Bangkok – First Glance

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Once you have found a place to stay in town. My advice is to wear comfy shoes and take as little as possible with you when you go exploring. While I have never had an issue anywhere in Thailand with safety it’s a good idea to keep your valuables in a front pocket and don’t walk around holding your wallet out. That said, Bangkok is a very safe city in general and you can come here and walk around late at night and feel totally relaxed.

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My favourite parts of Bangkok are the little alleyways and side streets where the real life is going on with amazing energy. You can stumble across vast markets and shopping areas and every corner you turn can lead to amazing sights.

The Palace can get very busy if you don’t get there early and after late morning the sun makes it uncomfortable to be out of the shade for too long. I personally love the national Museum which is a short walk from the palace. Its full of incredible historic sculptures and beautiful art from all around the Asian region. 

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Another must do is to visit one of the many food and fruit markets. The colours and smells as you walk around are all totally new on your first visit and I can absolutely guarantee you will see plenty of things here that you have never seen before.

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Of course the thing Bangkok is most famous for is the street food and I will cover that in more detail in a later blog but for now just know that if you like your food and don’t mind eating things you have never seen before you can have one of the greatest culinary experiences in the world here. The prices for most street food starts at under $1 per meal so you can try as much as you like without breaking the bank.

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One of the reasons I like to explore at night is the daytime temperature can get oppressive and often you will find yourself seeking shelter in the shade with a cold drink or a coconut. There are always places to eat and drink at any time of night and the city really does operate at full power 24 hours a day.

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