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Dutch Passion Claims a Hat-trick of Wins This June

It is not just the Dutch football team that have earned a hat-trick of wins this June. Dutch Passion Seed bank were awarded a trio of trophies at the 2014 Highlife Cup in Amsterdam. Take a look to see which of their strains were awarded…

Dutch Passion Highlife

It has been a good month for the Netherlands. A trio of hard fought victories against Australia, Chile and Spain have taken the Oranje football team to the knock-out rounds of the World Cup in Brazil.

However, it is not just the Dutch soccer stars that have claimed a hat-trick of wins this June; the Dutch Passion Seedbank have matched their sporting compatriots by lifting three prestigious trophies at the Highlife Cup 2014.

The 16th edition of the Highlife Cup was again hosted in Amsterdam at the Flevopark, a vibrant hub of activity to the East of the city centre. As the Dutch capital was still reeling from an unexpected victory over Spain at the Football World Cup, the atmosphere seemed even more charged, and victory seemed palpable in the hazy summer air. And while Dutch Passion were very much used to success at various Cannabis Cups, there seemed an inevitability that this year would turn out to be a real success for the 27-year-old company.

Dutch Passion claimed a 3rd placed trophy in the auto-flowering section for their AutoFrisian Dew. A cross of Super Skunk female and a Purple Star male, the Frisian Dew has proven immensely popular since its release, with many impressed by its versatility when outdoors and indoors.

The next award in the seed-banks’ impressive trio of trophies was a 1st place in the medical marijuana section for their ComPassion strain. A rich CBD variety, this strain is very popular among medicinal cannabis users and contains a 2:1 ratio of CBD:THC.

The third and most prestigious prize won by Dutch Passion at the Highlife Cup 2014 was the ‘Plant of the Year’ for their Mazar strain. Dating way back to the 1980’s Dutch Passion’s Mazar is an extremely potent Afghan Indica that has been a consistently popular strain over the last 2 decades.

It was a deserved trio of accolades for one of the oldest and most established seed banks in the world today. And while Amsterdam may have been full of celebration for sporting reasons, the Flevopark was alive with celebration for Dutch Passion.

All of the winning Dutch Passion strains are now available for you to purchase on our website.

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