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How to Diagnose and Treat Over-Watered Cannabis Plants

Eager to ensure that a cannabis plant is growing to its maximum potential, some inexperienced cultivators may water their crop a little to much. This can result in a number of problems, which can often set your grow back a number of weeks.

To guarantee that this doesn’t happen to your next grow, Seedsman offer this handy guide which should help you diagnose and treat over-watered plants and ensure that you have the perfect finished product.

How to Diagnose Over-Watered Cannabis Plants

While it can be very hard to troubleshoot certain issues with cannabis plants, luckily, an over-watered plant is fairly easy to spot.

The first sign that you should be able to see from an over-watered plant is drooping of the plant. This is not concentrated to any certain part of the plant, it should be visible on most leaves and stems. It is also important to note that you are not looking at the tips of the leaving for drooping. An over-watered cannabis plant means that the entire plant will be curling and wilting from the stem to the tips of the leaves.

This drooping will likely occur after a watering, so remember to check back on your plants in the mnutes and hours after every watering to observe for signs of over-watering.

In some cases, chlorosis will occur in the leaves, meaning that they will turn yellow in colour. Don’t mistake this for nutrient deficiency; more often than not, if your leaves are drooping from the stem, it will be related to over-watering.

The reason that leaves will droop through over-watering is pretty simple. If there is too much water surrounding the roots, the plant is unable to take in enough oxygen. Therefore, the plant itself is being starved of this precious element, causing drooping and eventual death.

How to Treat Over-Watered Cannabis Plants

If you are spotting clear signs that your cannabis plants are over-watered, you need to decipher why. Generally, there are two reason as to why this occurs.

Firstly, the cultivator may simply be watering the plants to frequently and/or with too large a volume of water. This can be rectified by simply allowing the plant time to use the excess water around its roots and reducing the amount of water you have been offering. Some more experienced growers will simply assess the weight of the pot holding the plant and judge whether all of the excess water has been used up.

The other most common reason for over-watered cannabis plants is that your grow medium is not allowing enough air to get to the roots and/or has a poor drainage system. This can be altered easily by modifying the way in which your medium is set-up.

Under-watered cannabis plants often demonstrate the same symptoms as over-watered plants. While there is no definite way to tell between the two issues, common sense should prevail in this scenario. Even a novice grower should be able to tell if they have been too timid or too eager with their watering habits.

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