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How to Diagnose and Treat Nutrient Burn in Cannabis Plants

One of the most common mistakes that eager beginners can make when growing their cannabis plants, nutrient burn can seriously effect the quality of your grow and put you off ever trying to cultivate for yourself again.

To combat any issues you may have with this frustrating problem, Seedsman offer this handy guide which should help you diagnose and treat nutrient burn in your cannabis plants.

How to Diagnose Nutrient Burn

Simply put, Nutrient Burn occurs when cannabis plants are fed too higher levels of bottled nutrients. Most plant foods (bar a few organic options) will contain these chemical nutrients. Cultivators often use bottled nutrinets to increase the growth rate and yield of their plants.

However, beginners can often become trigger happy and overfeed their grow, which is why nutrient burn occurs.

The first signs of a plant suffering from nutrient burn will appear at the very tips of the leaves. You will spot yellow, brown or a similar colour making its way onto the very edges of the leaves. Spotting the nutrient burn at this point means that you have caught the problem very early on and it can be rectified very quickly.

However, if left to long, these brown coloured tips will grow in size and become grey and crisp to the touch. These markings may eventually spread across the whole leaf.

How to Treat Cannabis Nutrient Burn

There are various ways to treat the nutrient burn in your cannabis plants, depending on your grow medium.

If you are using bottled nutrients, it is always recommended that you use cannabis specific products. While general plant nutrients may work sometimes, it is always advisable to go woth a product that has been designed for cannabis.

Secondly, consider whether the instructions on the nutrient bottle are accurate. If you are feeding your plant to the exact numbers on the instructions and are seeing nutrient burn, do not be afraid to lessen the feed. After all, the product may not always be precise.

If you are growing in soil and not adding any nutrients, a system flush with pH water should do the trick. Then it is simply a waiting game to ensure that the nutrient burn ceases. Please be aware that you will be unable to recover leaves that have already been damaged by nutrient burn, you are simply looking to stop any newer, unaffected leaves from suffering the same fate.

If you have any further questions regarding nutrient burn, let us know in the comments section below and we will get back to you!

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