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Denmark to Examine Medical Benefits of Cannabis

In spite of the profuse efforts by Copenhagen’s mayor Frank Jensen to legalize cannabis in the capital coupled with the seemingly blooming cannabis marketplace in Christiania, Denmark’s political officials have made it quite clear as to where they stand in regards to the use of cannabis for both recreational and medicinal dedications. They’re against it.

But as of the last few years, precursors have been coming into view showing that the nation may quite plausibly be preparing to slowly adjust its standpoint in respect to cannabis and its medicinal significance.

All of the political parties in Denmark’s parliament have reached a political conformity that will permit the funding of research regarding the medicinal value of cannabis.

Parliament came to the pronouncement last week as to how the research reserve which consists of 857 million kroner should be used up, with at least 35 million kroner going towards examining what role cannabis plays in regards to enhancing a patient’s physical condition as well as their overall quality of life if they were to use it for pain, as one example.

According to research spokesperson Rosa Lund, from the Enhedslisten party, individuals suffering with disorders such as cancer, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), arthritis and multiple sclerosis, just to list a few, have already shown positive anecdotal results from utilizing cannabis as a form of medicine in states throughout the U.S. that have legalized the plant for medical dedications.

Reports of these affirmative outcomes pouring in from the U.S. and around the world that anecdotally prove cannabis’ medicinal efficacy has Lund in raptures in respect to those persons that the newly approved research funding could plausibly help in the future once the truth of the plant’s powers are revealed via the government funded investigation.

“In some parts of the world medicinal cannabis is already legal, and it helps a lot of people,” Lund affirmed. “Therefore we’d also like to see if it’s possible in Denmark.”

And regardless of whether the results of the slated research goes against the Enhedslisten party’s position on the matter, Lund claims that it was still an important subject that calls for serious forethought and is truly worthy of further debate.

“Even if the research comes out against Enhedslisten’s position, there’s the need to do more research so we have an informed basis from which to debate the issue,” Lund explained.

Education and research minister Sophie Carsten Nielsen shares in research spokesperson Lund’s excitement on the subject of parliament’s decision to allocate funds toward researching the amazing plant genus that is cannabis, adding how imperative said research will be for the future of Denmark.

“It’s a great result that we’ve reached a broad agreement,” Nielsen declared. “The agreement will ensure growth in Denmark because research and innovation are crucial for Denmark’s future.”

Not only could Denmark’s examination of cannabis be accommodating in terms of broadening parliament’s standpoint regarding the use of marijuana for medical purposes, but it’s highly probable that positive study results could help pave the way for legalizing the plant for both medical and recreational use.

Only time will tell.

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