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The Colorado Cannabis Scavenger Hunt

This weekend in Denver I went to a “Nug Hunt.” This is an event (like a scavenger hunt) designed to reward the newly blossoming cannabis industry. The event was exclusive, invite only, +1. My friend Sarah got us in, had her name crossed off the list and we were each given an envelope with a clue as well as a reusable tote bag from Colorado Harvest Company. At 5:45 one of the workers in neon yellow said that everyone (there were roughly 150 people) could open their envelopes and begin. We navigated through the big spots in Denver, Coors Stadium, Union Station, The Civic Center and The Mall. Each spot we scoped out the worker in neon yellow and got the next clue.

Eventually we ended up at Herman’s Hideaway – a local bar. Our cover fee was waived after saying “nug hunt” to the host, and we were each entered into a raffle for an electronic cigarette capable of atomizing cannabis concentrates.

All in all the event was long, the weather was mediocre and the crowd was rough around the edges. I signed up to do this because I knew going in “oh this would be a great article for the readers at Seedsman, I don’t think the British Medical community has scavenger hunts.”

They shouldn’t start either.

All in all, this event was kind of boring, kind of cold and only a handful of people won things. I was happy with my free coupon for a joint, but I knew there were people that would have been upset.

The funniest thing about the “free joint” is that the coupon came with a penny glued to it. In Colorado, it’s illegal for a recreational cannabis venue to give away free cannabis. How do you give away free joints to the winners of the scavenger hunt? You charge them a penny. How do you charge them a penny and still make the joint free? You glue a penny to the free joint coupon.

It’s 2015 and only a year into legal sales in the US and cannabis barons are already circumventing the law in the greyest of ways.

My belief is that the medical community would never attempt something like this because the varying disabilities that their customers have might be unfair to some.

Another thing I thought was smart (and somewhat obvious) is that none of the winners of the scavenger hunt were given cannabis on the spot. All of the rewards were vouchers or gift cards to recreational cannabis shops.

Can you imagine the legal issues if the scavenger hunt coordinator had to publicly admit that their drugs were lost and are still “out there.”

Moving forward I think we will see more and more cannabis events in Colorado. They spring up and gain publicity all of the time, the real question is – which ones will be so good that they do them annually?”

My thoughts are still that the Colorado Symphony is the best cannabis promoted event. Come get high, medicate, smoke, eat, do what you need to do to be “baked” and listen to the orchestra.

I think we will see more of these ritzy events and less scavenger hunts in the years to come.

by Maxwell Bradford

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