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Chris Christie Believes Legalizing Cannabis Will “Poison Our Kids”

Yet another leading politician in the United States has voiced his opinion on cannabis legalization, accusing Democrats of attempting to “poison our kids”.

New Jersey Governor and Republican Chris Christie has been a vocal with his anti-marijuana rhetoric in the past but has recently stepped up his disdain for the plant.

Speaking at a New Jersey Hospital Substance Abuse Center on Monday, Christie condemned recent efforts by certain states to regulate and tax recreational cannabis. The Governor was particularly concerned for his own state of New Jersey, where recent reports claim that the state could make $300 million per year through cannabis legalization.

“This is the part that liberals love the most: We can tax it. Sweet Jesus, we can tax it! More money for us! I can say this now because I’m not running for anything again: $300 million is nothing. We have a $35.5 billion budget; $300 million is a rounding error. I’m sorry. It’s true. Think about it, that’s 1 percent, less than 1 percent, of the entire state budget for a year. And we’re going to poison our kids for 1 percent more money that they can spend on some God awful, stupid program that they can put in the mailer and send out and say, ‘I delivered $300 million more for this.’”

Christie has opposing a number of efforts to expand the state of New Jersey’s cannabis program, including blocking a bill to expand cannabis for those who desperately need it medicinally.

Comparing marijuana to harder drugs, Christie also stated on Monday;

“If (democrats) want to bring this poison into the state under the guise that it doesn’t matter because people can buy it illegally anyway, then why not legalize heroin?”

His comments, while unsurprising to the international media, have lead to widespread condemnation.

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