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Bubba Cheesecake- A Brand New Seedsman Strain

Seedsman are pleased to announce the launch of Bubba Cheesecake, a 70% Indica variety that’s sweet, sticky and superb!

The Birth of Bubba Cheesecake

Our expert cultivators spent months looking for the ideal combination, wanting dense buds rich in trichomes with massive yield potential.

That lineage was discovered by crossing pre ’98 Bubba Kush genetics with Cheesecake (Wedding Cake X Exodus Cheese).

They birthed a 70% indica hybrid with an average THC level of 25%.

bubba cheesecake

How She Grows

Bubba Cheesecake thrives both inside and outside when the weather’s good.

If you’re cultivating indoors we’d recommend only allowing a short veg period due to the crazy amount of stretching this plant can do. Left alone, it’ll spring up to a height of 3.5 meters!

Flowering indoors takes around 60 days (give or take), and we’ve seen some excellent yields from our test growers – averaging between 4-500 gr/m2.

Grown outside, Bubba Cheesecake can produce between 7-800 gr. Cultivators in the Northern Hemisphere can expect an early October harvest when planted in season.

As Bubba Cheesecake reaches maturity you’ll see beautiful dense, rock-hard buds with flicks of purple and blue.

bubba cheesecake

But, be careful harvesting, as her lineage suggests this a super sticky plant so make sure you wear gloves and bring the right tools for pruning and trimming!

A Real Ass Kicker

Bubba Cheesecake’s lineage means cured buds have a slight sugary, almost liquorice taste. It smells earthy and sweet, reminding you of the pinene in Exodus Cheese.

It’s a pretty heavy stone, starting quite euphorically before mellowing out. Not heady, but not something you’d want to smoke before meeting your in-laws. That’s also because it’s a high that can last quite a while! So, save it for day’s end.

We’re very proud of how Bubba Cheesecake has developed, and the feminised seeds are ready to be added to your collection right now.

Click here to add Bubba Cheesecake seeds to your collection.


bubba cheesecake
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