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British Survey Reveals 98% of Public Want Cannabis Legal

Some startling survey results have revealed that 98% of Briton’s want cannabis legal either medically or recreationally, indicating a turning of opinion in one of the most conservative countries regarding ‘weed’ in the Western world.

The survey, which was conducted by Scottish newspaper The Evening Express, asked respondents whether they believe cannabis should be legalized in the United Kingdom. An incredible 98.5% of responses answered that cannabis should be made legal in some form. The full results of the survey, as per the Express were:

More than 3400 people took part, with 2623 (75.8%) of people saying that yes cannabis should be made legal, 785 (22.6%) of people said it should be legal but only for medicinal purposes and with a prescription.

Just 53 (1.5%) of people said no, cannabis should remain illegal.

The Express, whose circulation covers the Eastern seaboard of Scotland including Aberdeen, the nation’s third largest city is not considered one of the most popular newspapers in the country. However, it does offer a clear indication of the changing of opinion in the United Kingdom.

Do you believe that cannabis should be legalized in the U.K? Have your say in the comments section below…

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