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Breeder’s History – Nirvana Seeds

The origins of Nirvana Seeds can be traced back to the bustling and bubbling Amsterdam of the 1980s.

A few years after the Baan report, the first coffee shops opened, and the first American hybrids arrived in Europe. It was also during this decade that one of the most important seed banks in the world, Sensi Seeds, was established.

The 1980s also saw the opening of the first Positronics shop in Amsterdam by Wernard Bruining. In the following years, Positronics gained a lot of experience in crossing and developing new marijuana strains. It quickly became one of the world’s most experienced and respected cannabis seed banks.

One of the architects of this success was a man named Mau, who worked at one of Positronics’ cultivation centres in Amsterdam in the 1980s. While there, he worked with some of the best breeders in the world and spent hours, days, and weeks observing, discussing, inspiring, and exchanging with them to gain an in-depth knowledge of cannabis breeding and culture.

The Beginning of Nirvana

After a few years, Mau decided to acquire enough knowledge to stand on his own two feet and start his own seed bank. But there is more to creating such a structure than just accumulating knowledge. So Mau spent years travelling the world in search of seeds of the best cannabis strains. This quest took him to the most famous places for their exceptional landraces, from South East Asia to South America.

After several years of collecting seeds, it was time to grow, crossbreed, experiment, and develop new strains, of which only the best were kept. Mau, like all those who start a seed bank, was guided by a double imperative: respect for his convictions and his passion for cannabis, and the need to create varieties that are likely to be successful in a market that, in the 1990s, was already becoming more and more competitive.

After several years of trial and error, reflection, and improvement, Mau was finally ready to take the plunge. And so, in 1995, Nirvana Seeds was created. It was a success. Mau was able to develop seeds that were in great demand. The company grew rapidly and soon gained a reputation as a serious bank offering quality products that soon became very popular within the cannabis community.

Nirvana Seeds’ Products

Guided by a real passion for hemp and a wish to re-establish its value, the seedbank quickly diversified its activities to offer a wide variety of hemp-based products, from drinks (alcoholic and no alcohol) to food products, clothing, and many other products. The objective was and still is to promote the revaluation of this plant, which has been unjustly vilified for so long.

In the same vein, Nirvana has long been considered the seed bank of choice for beginners in cannabis cultivation. It provides good quality seeds at affordable prices rather than expensive strains reserved for the more experienced growers. In this way, it helps to spread the love of hemp and cannabis, the culture of cannabis, and the whole philosophy surrounding it in plant care and respect for nature.

In the heart of Amsterdam, Nirvana has become a pillar of the cannabis industry. Their success is not only due to the quality of its seeds and the diversity of its products. One of Nirvana’s unique features is its ability to offer its customers highly fresh seeds. Nirvana does not have massive warehouses filled with a vast stock of seeds, which could affect the germination rate if not appropriately stored. Instead, Nirvana ships its seeds to its customers directly from the place of cultivation. The seeds that Nirvana’s customers get are therefore extremely young, which significantly improves the quality of the plants they produce.

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Our Favourite Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana’s massive selection makes choosing a favourite, if not impossible. Still, having sold Nirvana Seeds on Seedsman for more than a decade – we’ve got a pretty good idea of what makes this seedbank so unique. If you’re looking to add Nirvana Seeds to your collection, here are a few good strains to start with:

Blue Mystic Auto 

Auto Blue Mystic results from the addition of ruderalis genetics to the already popular Blue Mystic strain. Not too dissimilar from the Northern Light auto-flowering strain, it has a tendency to display blue colouration in the latter half of the flowering period. Especially where night temperatures fall somewhat.

The aroma is of berries and blueberry, particularly with a similar palate but with added earthy and woody notes. The THC level is medium in strength but with high levels of CBD production. The effect is initially euphoric, giving way to relaxation before ending up quite sleepy – great for evening and night-time use.

Sour Diesel 

Sour Diesel is basically a New York Power Diesel back-crossed with one of its ancestors – the mouth-watering Sour Diesel.

Potency is very good, and Nirvana’s Sour Diesel creates a happy, euphoric and uplifting high. It is sure to impress even experienced smokers and vapers with its stimulating, cerebral feeling.

Bubblelicious Auto 

Auto Bubblelicious is a mostly indica cannabis strain that adds ruderalis genetics to the pink-bubblegum-flavored Bubblelicious. It is a short plant that has great hybrid vigour and which produces resin-encrusted, sticky buds.

This strain produces medium levels of THC with high CBD production. Together with the aroma and flavour of sweet, pink bubblegum are floral and earthy notes. The effect is euphoric, uplifting, and ultimately relaxing.

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.

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