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Seedsman’s Sour Diesel Auto gets its genetics from the legendary east coast hybrid Sour Diesel and the potent and equally popular Haze family of strains – two of the most celebrated lineages in the cannabis world today. This offspring combines the best traits of its parents to produce an easy growing auto with a strong uplifting high and unique taste profile.

Family History

Legend has it that Sour Diesel was created in the early 1990s in NYC by a grower named ‘AJ’. Its precise heritage – whether it was a cross between Chemdog 91 and Super Skunk, or original Diesel crossed with an unknown skunk (containing skunk #1 and Northern Lights) – remains debated. Regardless, it soon distinguished itself by its pungent fuel-like smell, euphoric and energising high, combined with more subtle physical relaxation (i.e. not pinning you to the couch). These effects make it perfect for day time use, getting stuff done and socialising, and have ensured its consistent popularity among both recreational and medical users alike.

The Haze family genetics in Sour Diesel Auto come from crossing SD with Haze 2.0 Auto (Haze Auto x Jack Herer clone). Haze Auto 2.0 is an easy to grow Haze autoflowering, with increased resin production and potency and the typical Haze aroma of citrus and woody notes. The origins of the well-loved Haze strains are again hard to pinpoint. Supposedly originating in the 1970s in California, the first Hazes were likely crosses between landraces from Colombia, Mexico, India and/or Thailand. Arriving in Holland in the late 70s or early 80s they proliferated and have been hybridised into the wider family they are now. They are renowned for their potency (high THC levels), sativa dominant characteristics, energetic and cerebral high, and a citrus and earthy flavour.

Grow Information

Although Sour Diesel Auto grows well in any medium, growers choosing soil are advised to add about one third coco coir to improve aeration to its roots, leading to better oxygenation thereby increasing nutrient uptake and growth rates. In addition, these plants like to drink little and often when cultivated in soil.

Indoors its total grow time is 10 – 11 weeks from seed, with yields between 400 – 450 gm/m2. When cultivated outdoors plants can grow to 75 – 160 cm tall with each plant yielding up to 250 gm depending on size.

With complex scents and flavours including diesel, citrus, petrol and wood this sativa-dominant strain has high levels of THC, between 16 – 20%, giving a long-lasting effect that is well-balanced between the cerebral and the physical. Effects are more outward than inward looking, making this good for boosting the mood, daytime use and social interaction.

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