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Black Friday 2022: Seedsman Strains On Special Offer

The countdown to Black Friday 2022 is well underway at Seedsman, and we have a variety of great deals that you won’t want to miss! Here’s a quick rundown of just a few of the Seedsman strains on special offer, live on now. For more details, visit our webpage.

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Purple Ghost Candy

One of our finest strains, Purple Ghost Candy crosses Ghost OG with Candyland Purple, and the result is a strain of the highest quality. This cannabis packs a massive 27% THC in its highly resinous buds.

Purple Ghost Candy is a sturdy, vigorous-growing plant that offers high yields indoors (500-600gm/m2) and outdoors (700-900gm/plant) after a 12-week flowering period – so it’s well worth waiting for. It’s a strain suited to any level of cultivation experience, but be sure to provide support for the lateral branches of this mostly-sativa variety, as it can grow to between 250-350cm.

Purple Ghost Candy

You can expect a taste sensation from PGC’s unique spicy, earthy flavours that couple perfectly with lemon/lime and peachy notes. The effects of this elite strain are potent physically, but stimulating cerebrally.

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Bubba Cheesecake

This Black Friday, help yourself to a slice of Bubba Cheesecake – our latest, greatest strain! Bubba Cheesecake crosses pre-’98 Bubba Kush with Cheese Cake, a hybrid of Wedding Cake and the famed Exodus Cheese.

Bubba Cheesecake is a mostly indica variety. With THC levels above 20%, the effects are long-lasting, strong, and sedative. These plants undergo a lot of stretch, so we recommend a shortened vegetative phase. You’ll find yields are superb, with up to 400-550gm/m2 from indoor grows, and an eye-popping 700-800 gm/plant when grown outdoors.

Bubba Cheesecake

Expect to see beautiful blue and purple hues from Bubba Cheesecake and big, dense buds covered with resin. The aroma and taste are licorice, earthy, and mossy, with a sumptuous sweetness coming from the Wedding Cake in her parentage.

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Lemonchello Haze

Lovers of citrus-tasting strains rave about Seedsman’s Lemonchello Haze, and it’s easy to see why. This cross of Super Lemon Haze/Amnesia/UK Cheese is an easy-growing strain with big buds of zesty flavour.

Lemonchello Haze produces massive yields indoors (600gm/m2) and doesn’t disappoint outdoors (800gm/plant) either. Those yields come as no surprise from this lofty, mostly-sativa strain that finishes as tall as 300cm after just 9 weeks of flowering.

Lemonchello Haze

As you’d expect, intense aromas of lemon are to the fore, with a refreshing taste profile to match. The effect of Lemonchello Haze is uplifting to the point of euphoria – the perfect compliment to that invigorating lemon flavour.

Lemonchello Haze seeds are available in our Black Friday promo

Seedsman CBG #1 Feminized Seeds

Are you looking for something truly unique? Our CBG#1 could be just what you’re after. This strain is carefully bred to produce high amounts of Cannabigerol, a normally lower-occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. This cannabinoid is thought to have significant medical potential. It may relieve many ailments, including Crohn’s Disease, Glaucoma, Inflammation, and lack of appetite.

It’s essential to germinate CBG#1 seeds at a constant temperature of 80°F for optimum viability and avoid temperature fluctuations. This strain grows happily in all environments, and flowering time is 10-12 weeks, after which indoor growers can expect 400-500gm/m2. Outdoor growers will harvest around 350gm/plant.

Seedsman CBG#1

This beautiful-looking plant is high in limonene, giving it a tangy, acidic flavour with berry notes. CBG levels are around 17%, with THC at 0.2% and CBD levels at 0.02%

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White Widow Auto

If you’re a fan of the classics, this Black Friday gives you a chance to make great savings on this autoflowering version of the famous White Widow. You want frosty buds? White Widow Auto has them in spades!

The addition of ruderalis genetics means you can harvest this legendary strain in 11 weeks without adjusting the photoperiod. White Widow Auto will reward you with its dazzling beauty, strong indica effects, famed smooth yet spicy flavour, and high THC content of around 20%.

White Widow Auto

Among the perks of growing White Widow Auto is its small stature. This furtive favourite comes in no taller than 120cm, which makes it a solid choice for growing almost anywhere.

Black Friday special offers on White Widow Auto

Amnesia Auto

For a high-THC autoflowering strain, it’s hard to top Seedsman’s Amnesia Auto. This short, mostly-sativa variety pumps out buds packing over 25% THC after 11 weeks of flowering.

Fans of the full-sized Amnesia strain will recognise the familiar Christmas-tree shape of the auto. Like its photoperiod counterpart, Amnesia Auto sports that beautiful, frost-covered appearance. Generous yields of up to 110gm/plant are your reward for choosing this potent strain.

Amnesia Auto

Amnesia Auto has an earthy, haze-like flavour and impressive potency. Thanks to its strong cerebral effect, this beauty will take you on an uplifting ride.

Save on Amnesia Auto this Black Friday!

Alaskan Purple Auto

Don’t miss out on this high-yielding autoflowering treat. Alaskan Purple Auto takes no more than 9 weeks to flower, and can produce up to 550gm/m2 when grown indoors.

If you have the space to accommodate this sizeable auto, you can look forward to a bumper harvest. It’s a potent, mostly-indica variety and no matter if you grow indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse, Alaskan Purple Auto promises an excellent output of delicious-tasting fruity-flavoured cannabis.

Alaskan Purple Auto

Alaskan Purple Auto is a great strain to help chase away aches, pains, and tension after a long day. Its famed relaxing body effect makes for a great evening choice to help you unwind.

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Zkittlez Auto

One of the more flavourful strains out there, Zkittlez Auto is a real fan favourite. It’s got looks, taste, and yields high no matter where you grow it. It’s got medical benefits, and it’s potent as well. All boxes ticked!

Zkittlez Auto is a vigorous plant that can handle many nutrients and plenty of water. Ensure your aroma control is on point when growing this one, as her fragrance is pretty powerful. Otherwise, at 120cm, Zkittlez Auto is an ideal choice for those looking to grow superb cannabis in a small space.

Zkittlez Auto

Yields are 400-500gm/m2 indoors and 500-600gm/m2 outdoors. Zkittlez Auto takes 12-13 weeks to flower, but the rewards are worth the wait. Look forward to sweet, fruity flavours of candy and berries and a potent ally against nausea, pain, insomnia, and lack of appetite. Elevate your mind, relax your body, and treat your taste buds today.

Zkittlez Auto seeds are on special offer now

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