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Best Outdoor Strains: Strawberry Cough

Growing cannabis indoors is like baking a cake. You can’t forget to measure a single ingredient. Your timing needs to be impeccable. When you grow cannabis indoors, you need to give it lots of time and attention.

Outdoor growing is the significantly more passive style of growing. Culinary-wise, outdoor growing is the “summertime grilling” of ways to grow cannabis. That being said, there are some meals you can grill and meals you shouldn’t grill – just like there are some plants you should grow indoors rather than outdoors.

A cannabis plant that always seems to do well outdoors is Strawberry Cough. (You can see Michael Caine start up a lovely crop of it the apocalyptic thriller “Children of Men”). Strawberry Cough is a classic in terms of taste. A quick onset high with tasty notes of jelly and jam. Very sweet, and a fruity smell. Not a citrus scent to be found, just notes of red licorice, blackberry, strawberry, and sugary sweetness.

This strain was bread for taste. It is not a “knockdown” high or a “racy” high. In 2015, with the cannabis community claiming to have strains as high as 30% THC, this is definitely considered to be a more “mild”, especially when grown outdoors. Having said that, Headquarters, a recreational cannabis shop in Boulder, CO sold some Strawberry Cough that clocked 22.8% THC-A just before St. Patrick’s Day. The possibility for a “potent” batch of Strawberry Cough is there – but it may not be a heavyweight contestant for “most potent”.

Strawberry Cough does well with partial sunlight. It’s a tall and lanky sativa, so be aware that this plant isn’t going to stay small forever.

When you plant outdoors make sure to give you plants a good 2m of space between them. If you’re using potted plants and you bring them outdoors you need to remember to rotate them. Any plant needs food, water, and air movement. The air movement is how you will get your outdoor Cough crop nice and big. When air moves a plant’s leaves or makes the small shrub “twist” and “wiggle” – that helps to grow the plant by strengthening the stems and stalks.

Remember that the leaves on the plants are like little solar panels and they will do anything they can to “face” the sun. If you move your potted plant outside each day try to “challenge” the plant to turn her little leaves each morning – don’t just set her up ready for sunshine – make her work for it. This will produce a thicker and healthier base of the plant, which, later on, should sustain and support more buds. A thick and healthy plant from the bottom up, has the biggest yield.

If you want to get tricky with your outdoor crop, try a topping technique. This is a fancy way of tricking the plant into growing two parallel stems rather than just one. Use a sterilized tool to remove new growth above the fourth node and then you should see new growth in two spots rather than just the one that you removed a week or so later.

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