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The Best Outdoor Cannabis Seeds UK

The UK is wet. And cold. At least 80% of the time. So, not really the best place to cultivate your cannabis outdoors. Googling ‘outdoor cannabis seeds UK’ can be quite a frustrating undertaking. That’s probably how you ended up here.

Of course, the weather outside doesn’t matter when you’re harvesting indoors. But some of us just want to plant a seed and let it grow without worrying about ventilation, and lighting conditions, and everything else that comes with an indoor grow.

Every cannabis seeds present their pros and cons, but in general, if you’re looking for the best outdoor cannabis seeds in the UK, you should go for an autoflower.

Autoflowers need less attention and take less time to flower. If you’re looking for the best outdoor cannabis seeds in the UK, get yourself some autoflowers.

So, with that being said, here are 3 of the best outdoor autoflower cannabis seeds you can buy today at Seedsman.

Pink Kush CBD 30:1

Pink Kush CBD Auto results from crossing Pink Kush CBD Auto with Pink Afghan CBD Auto strains. It is 90% indica, has a fast life-cycle and a CBD: THC ratio of at least 30:1.

As an auto-flowering strain, it will be suitable for just about all environments. Taking a scant 9 weeks from germination through to harvest yields is good, although we do not yet have any exact figures. Outdoor growers in warm climates will be able to achieve 2 or even 3 harvests per year. It displays an attractive pink colour in the buds.

outdoor autoflower cannabis seeds

Bubble Gum Auto

Auto Bubble Gum is the product of crossing the sweetest and most pungent auto-flowering indica plants that 00 Seeds possesses. Its 12% THC and high CBD production make this a potent medicinal strain.

Auto Bubble Gum grows to a height of between 80 – 130 cm. with outdoor plants nearer the top of the range.

Resin production is high, and the dried buds have a delicious flavour of strawberries and red fruits. Its effect is powerful, and it is a medicinal strain with general applications. Bubble Gum is one the best outdoor cannabis seeds UK, Europe or anywhere with a shy sun!

White Widow Auto

Auto White Widow takes the legendary White Widow strain a stage further so that growers no longer need to worry about reducing photoperiods to stimulate the flowering cycle’s onset. The White Widow marijuana strain has long been one of the most popular of the Seedsman strains, and with good reason. It is famous for its fast and hard-hitting high, which evolves into a pleasant, relaxing effect.

The introduction of ruderalis genetics allows harvesting trichome-covered frosty buds in only 11 weeks from germination from vigorous, quite short-statured plants that enable discreet outdoor crops to be grown almost anywhere.

best outdoor cannabis seeds uk
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