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Best Movies to Watch High: Our Top Ten at 

Sitting down with some cannabis and a good movie is something many of us enjoy. Choose the right combination and it can be a mind-blowing experience or even an enlightening one.  

At Seedsman, we’ve been taking a good long look through a whole list of movies and have come up with a great top ten that you need to see at least once.  

These are truly some of the best movies to watch high. Some of them might surprise you. Some a guaranteed to get you thinking and few might give you a few scares.  

Most of them lean at least in some way towards the philosophical and should appeal if your mind is loosened up and you’re open to all the possibilities the universities have to offer. Others are simply fun movies to watch while you are stoned.  

  1. The Big Lebowski

Most people won’t be surprised to find this Cohen Brother’s comedy epic on a list of best movies to watch high. Starring Jeff Bridges and John Goodman, it may have come out 20 years ago but the Big L still packs a pretty good punch. Subtle comedies work pretty well when you’re under the influence – we don’t quite know why. Perhaps it’s just that you notice things other people don’t.  

Plot: Slacker Jeff Lebowski gets mistaken for a millionaire of the same name and it all becomes much more complicated when said millionaire’s trophy wife gets kidnapped. While it failed at the box office, over the years The Big Lebowski has become a cult movie with a pretty large following. It’s now regularly featured in top ten lists for film. 

  1. Animal House

If you prefer your comedy a little more raucous and even infantile, then National Lampoon’s Animal House should be right up your avenue. It makes our list as one of the best movies to watch high simply because it’s hysterical from beginning to end. It’s 40 years old now and another cult favorite that has grown in popularity over that time. Best noted for the dead horse in the dean’s office and a comically sublime performance by the late John Belushi, it’s certainly one you shouldn’t miss out on, high or no high.  

Plot: The movie follows the exploits of college fraternity Delta House as they battle against the rigid social order of Omega House and a college dean who want them out. Hilarity ensues. 

  1. King Kong (The Original)

Released in 1933, you may think that the original King Kong has no place on a list of the best movies to watch high. You’d be wrong, of course. Made at a time when there was no CGI and scripts were often completed while shooting was taking place, this was a real tour de force at the time.  

It also contains some unintentionally funny and un-politically correct dialogue and scenes. At the time it catapulted female lead Fay Wray into the limelight, mainly because of her screaming.  

Plot: Filmmaker heads to distant island to make a movie, encountering the fearsome King Kong. You know the rest of the story. The animation may seem a little absurd to a young audience bought up today’s technology but this was really cutting edge back in 1933.  

  1. Shutter Island

Getting high means you want something to bend your mind, at least little. If you haven’t seen Shutter Island, then we suggest you put it on your list and rent out the download. Dark and moody, it’s a complex plot where nothing is exactly as it seems. Leonardo Di Caprio stars as a detective heading out to a remote island to solve a puzzling case. Lovers of Di Caprio movies and cannabis are often torn between this movie and Inception. In truth, you should probably watch both together.  

Plot: Martin Scorsese’s noir thriller is about US Marshall Teddy Daniels who arrives on Shutter Island to solve a case. The trouble is Teddy is actually a patient and the whole charade is an elaborate way to get him to face his demons.  

  1. Edge of Tomorrow

Not everyone likes to be confused when they’re high. Sometimes you just want a bit of fun and a fast pace. Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow didn’t get rave reviews at the box office but is still a favorite with the video on demand market, particularly those settling down to smoke, dab or vape a little cannabis.  

Sit back with some tasty cannabis edibles and you may just be able to understand what’s going on by the end of the film. If you want some double Cruise mayhem, you might also like to include the universally panned The Mummy in your night’s viewing – it’s not as bad as people make out. And in some parts, it’s actually hilarious. 

Plot: Soldier gets chucked into a time loop where the same day of battle is repeated over and over again until he can figure out how to kill the aliens. Think of it as Groundhog Day for veterans.  

  1. Interstellar

Next on our list of best movies to watch high is this rather laborious and lengthy vehicle for terminal mumble merchant and method actor Matthew McConaughey as he heads out into the cosmos. This is a fairly turgid film if you haven’t had any weed to get your mental cogs turning. When you’re high, however, Interstellar makes a lot more sense. If you’ve ever contemplated life, the universe and everything this will definitely work for you. 

Plot: Earth is about to come to an end so Matt is tasked with exploring beyond our solar system to see if there is the prospect of setting up home somewhere else. It’s long at 169 minutes but that should be about the time you reach full high and the ending is spectacularly mind-bending.  

  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey

Another long film that’s often vaunted in film critic circles as one of the best ever, you could be forgiven for thinking that 2001 A Space Odyssey isn’t that great even when you’re high. The opposite is actually true. You’ll find more meaning if you let the visuals and the cannabis wash over you and you may even discover some hidden truths that other people have missed.  

Plot: The tale follows a black monolith that keeps turning up, first on Neolithic Earth, then in various parts of space. This is a sweeping, philosophical movie that is probably most famous for its lead character, Hal the computer. Compared to watching it sober, on a high time and meaning will whizz by.  

  1. Pan’s Labyrinth

Next on our list of best movies to watch high is Pan’s Labyrinth, a fantasy tale from director Guillermo Del Toro. It’s a foreign movie so you may have trouble keeping up with the subtitles if you are really high but don’t let that put you off. The visuals and the storyline should keep you engaged from beginning to end. And, it’s one of Del Toro’s best.  

Plot: Set in the Spanish civil war, the story follows a young girl who discovers a different world outside of the violence of her normal, everyday existence and her sadistic new stepfather. Most notable for its monsters, this is gothic creativeness at its best.  

  1. Ghost Stories

This is a fairly new film and stars Hollywood hobbit, Martin Freeman. Ghost Stories is a series of spooky vignettes, all with a purpose, and there are some genuine scares along the way. Produced on a low budget with a British cast, you’ll probably guess the twist at the end before you get there but it’s still worth giving some of your time.  

Plot: A psychiatrist is asked to investigate a series of paranormal events without realizing they are leading him down a path towards darkness. If you’re a fan of the Fast Show, you’ll recognize British comedian and character actor Paul Whitehouse putting in the hard yards.   

  1. Shinzo Godzilla 

Forget the half-baked American versions, it’s back to Japan for a classic taste of the original Godzilla. While the script can be a little bizarre at times, this is a pretty good way to spend a couple of hours. The film does have subtitles but there are English language versions available. Monster pictures are always a winner for the cannabis crowd and this one shouldn’t disappoint if though it’s patently a man in a suit and not proper GGI.  

Plot: There’s not much in the way of plot except for a big, reptilian creature jumping out of the sea, screaming a lot and blowing things up with its fire breath while mankind tries to find a way to stop it. In 2016, Shinzo was the highest grossing film at the box office in Japan.  

That’s our current list of the best movies to watch high. Of course, there are plenty more out there including Mulholland Drive, Donny Darko and the Matrix Trilogy. We hope our top ten delivers a good mix of different movie genres, fun, philosophical meandering and the odd scare or two. Hopefully, there is something to suit most tastes. Enjoy! 

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