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The Best Cannabis Seeds to buy for Indoor Growing

Based on your climate, situation and growing space – growing cannabis indoors may be your only option.

Most seeds are indoor cannabis seeds, but some respond better to an indoor climate than others. Click here for our total indoor growing guide.

Growing indoor cannabis equipment

Lighting is the most important element to get right. Producing a harvest indoors means ensuring no unwanted light seeps in as an incorrect balance can ruin a grow. You have a choice between LED and HiD lighting.

LED is more expensive but is of better quality. HiD can be considered a little old school, but some strains respond better to it.

You also need proper ventilation as good cannabis requires fresh air for best results.

You need pots, potting mix, a smell filter as well as fertilizer which can all be found at your local garden centre.

Once your set up, here are five of our best cannabis seeds to grow indoors.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream comes from a cross of U.S Haze and Blueberry Ice to create an excellent 70% sativa strain. Grown indoors plants will not get bigger than medium size and will yield around 500 gr/m2 in 65 – 70 days of the flowering cycle.

Blue Dream’s scent and taste have a light lemon-citrus quality with berry and Haze notes as well as a suggestion of Madeira fortified wine. THC content is high accompanied by low CBD levels. The result is a fine, uplifting, cerebral high, mentally stimulating and long-lasting whilst also being comfortable and relaxing.

Best cannabis seeds
best cannabis seeds to buy
Indoor cannabis seeds

Strawberry Cheesecake

By crossing Cheese Auto with Strawberry Banana Auto you get this indica powerhouse that delivers dense sticky buds with high THC levels. Grown indoors, this is a squat plant reaching a manageable 140cm.

It provides many branches with multiple bud sites, but we’d recommend stripping some of the lower branches earlier on to help the production of the bigger flowers.

Because the buds get so dense you may get some humidity and therefore mould. So, when growing indoors you need to ensure you’ve got an air extractor or an air humidifier ready. You should get a yield of 500 gr/m2  when grown correctly.

It’s a skunky, fruity taste plant with a citrus tinge ideal for a daytime smoke. One of the best indoor cannabis seeds to buy.  

Peyote Gorilla

Peyote Gorilla is a cross of Peyote Purple and Gorilla Glue #4. It takes the relaxing effect of the Gorilla Glue and combines it with the buzzy-like vibe of the Peyote Purple. It’s a winning combination.

Yields are excellent when grown indoors, and you can expect a yield anywhere between 500 – 650 gr/m2. Because its resin levels are so excellent, Peyote Gorilla is a good option for making extracts with.

With a sour, earthy taste and incredibly high THC levels, Peyote Gorilla is an excellent choice for an indoor grow and are always excellent indoor cannabis seeds.

Bubba Kush

Famous the world over, Bubba Kush is well known for its relaxing effects.

Bubba Kush is an ideal indoor cannabis seed to plant indoors as it works well in all grow mediums and doesn’t grow too large. It yields up to 500 gr/m2.  

It’s an intensely sweet smelling plant bred specifically to ingest after a long day.

Mama Thai

Mama Thai is an excellent strain to grow indoors.

While not the highest yielding plant in our collection, its amazing effects and even better taste will impress even the most demanding smoker.

It’s a sativa-dominant strain that produces fluffy buds and is a great plant for someone just getting started with indoor cannabis growing.

Northern Lights Auto

By crossing the legendary Northern Lights with a Ruderails strain to produce an Autoflower seed you get Northern Lights Auto – an indica dominant hybrid with excellent yield and respectable THC levels.

Growing it indoors means it’ll grow as high as 110cm with 500 gr/m2 when given 18/20 hours of light. It’s quite an easy plant to harvest, with good resistance to pests and mould. As it begins to fully flower you’ll see lovely colours of purple, green and even blue.

It smells fruity and tastes sweet, producing a relaxing effect and a body high.

We’ve got thousands of the best cannabis seeds to buy online and there are dozens of articles on our blogs to help you along your indoor cannabis grow.

Best cannabis seeds
best cannabis seeds to buy
Indoor cannabis seeds

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