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Autoflowering Seeds on Promotion Now: Get 3 for the price of 2

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are the focus of our popular 3 for 2 promotion –  running 24th May – 28th June 2021. For the next month, the following variety of autoflowering seeds will be included in this offer:

  • Selected Seedsman auto strains (pack sizes 3,5,10 seeds)
  • 10 specially selected breeder’s including the popular Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion, Fast Buds, Expert Seeds and more (3 seeds packs)
  • Selected G13 Labs autos (5 seeds packs )

Autoflowers on promotion will have a clear ‘3 for 2’ icon next to them. To take advantage of this offer simply include 3 seed packs from the selected strains in your shopping basket and you will only be charged for 2.

Autoflowering Seeds

Why choose autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering seeds (‘autos’ or ‘autoflowers’) are a great choice for beginner growers, growers who want a faster harvest, and anyone with restricted space or short outdoor growing periods. As their name suggests, autoflowers start flowering automatically once they reach maturity, rather than requiring specific light cycles like photoperiod varieties do. This makes things much easier for growers, who with fewer maintenance duties can kick back and watch their plants race from seed to harvest in as little as ten weeks. 

Other advantages include their compact size (making them easy to grow on balconies or in small spaces) and their resilience. Their resilience stems from genetics gained from Cannabis ruderalis, a cannabis variety that adapted to the cold and harsh climates of Central Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia. These genetics provide resistance to pests and cold temperatures and an extremely fast life cycle.

The fact that autos can be harvested in as little as eight to ten weeks makes them a great choice for anyone living in cold locations with short summers, as a full outdoor grow cycle can be squeezed into those few warm months. For people in warmer locations, autos can provide as many as two or three full cycles each summer. 

Although the genetics took a little while to perfect and yields are generally not as generous due to the compact size of the plants, many autoflowering cultivars now match photoperiod varieties for cannabinoid content, with some containing upwards of 20 percent THC. With a faster life cycle and equal potency and flavour, autos are a popular choice for all kinds of growers.

Don’t miss out on the newly launched Alaskan Diesel Auto that produces resinous buds, a sweet diesel taste, and a potent high; Gelat.OG Auto with plenty of THC, a rich dessert-like scent, and earthy notes on the palate; the firm favourite Alaskan Purple, a winner for its generous yields, adaptability, sweet taste, and characteristic purple hues; and Strawberry Cheesecake Auto that produces dense and resinous buds with decent THC levels, and relaxing, yet mentally stimulating effects.

If you are after autoflowering seeds click here for more info.

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