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Amaze Your Friends: Learn How to Roll a Blunt 

Anyone who uses cannabis recreationally has, at some point, thought about learning how to roll a blunt. It’s a kind of rites of passage thing. There’s nothing more impressive than constructing a massive stogy that you can pass around in polite company.  

The good news is that, with a little practice and some patience, you too can be the blunt rolling expert in your peer group. It’s not that too difficult a thing to learn. 

A blunt basically gives your cannabis seed a tobacco wrap, made as it is by taking an ordinary cigar and hollowing it out to construct your new smoke. There’s a lot of tradition and etiquette that goes into blunt rolling and it’s a good idea to get in tune with this before you start handing one round at your next social gathering.  

While you can make one using a premade blunt wrap, it’s nowhere near as good as the real thing. Here, we’ll take a long hard look at how to roll a blunt and why it should be on your list of cannabis skills.  

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Roll a Blunt 

  1. There’s something traditional and timeless about the blunt. It may be less healthy and we all know that we shouldn’t really be smoking it. But, once in a while, it’s great to sit back and smoke a big, fat blunt.  
  2. Blunt making is an art form in itself. While anyone can do it, you need to practice if you are going to get good at it. If you want to impress your friends and peers, spending a little time on your own, learning how to roll a blunt, will gain you a lot of kudos later on.  
  3. With all the different ways of taking cannabis nowadays, including vaping, dabbing and making edibles, creating your own blunt is rather traditional and comforting.  
  4. You get more flavor with a blunt. While the interior of the blunt is pure cannabis like any joint, the outside has that rich tobacco taste.  
  5. Finally, you can make a blunt any size you want. From a Cuban cigar to a cigarillo, there are plenty of different types of cigar to play around with.  

What Do You Need to Roll a Blunt? 

  • The first thing you need is your cannabis strain. Any will do but if you’re planning to roll a blunt then picking something special should be the order of the day. There’s no point in wasting your blunt rolling technique on a substandard product. 
  • You need a cigar, cigarillo, or if you don’t want that tobacco taste a blunt wrap. If this is your first time, we suggest a cigarillo. It’s easy to handle. 
  • You could probably do with a grinder for your cannabis and a sharp, small-bladed knife for cutting like a scalpel.  
  • Patience is a virtue when you are rolling a blunt for the first time so bring plenty of it with you. Don’t try to force things into shape. The more care you take, the better your blunt will be.  

How to Roll a Blunt: A Step By Step Guide  

The first step is to choose your cigar. Most connoisseurs will go for a cigarillo such as a Phillies or Blackwoods. It shouldn’t be too large that you have trouble rolling it, nor too long.  

  1. Once you have your cigar, the next stage involves breaking up your cannabis ready for loading. You can use your hands for this like a true connoisseur or a grinder, both work equally well. If you use your hands, however, you’ll find that the cannabis burns a little slower and gives you a better smoke.  
  2. Next comes the tricky part when you first learn how to roll a blunt. You need to prep the cigar. Take your sharp, thin blade and cut along the length of the cigar. This needs to be done with extreme care because you don’t want to break or tear it. Once you have cracked it open gently, remove the tobacco inside, so that you only the outer binding. Take your time and don’t rush. 
  3. The key for the next stage is to make your wrap a little moist. There’s only one real way to do this properly and that’s giving it a gentle lick and some spit. Some people find this distasteful but it makes the blunt easier to roll and seals up any cracks. You can use water and dab it on but it’s just not as satisfying.  
  4. Once you’ve wet the wrap, then you need to fill the center with your cannabis as you would with any joint. You’re probably looking at one or two grams of product but be careful not to overload the thing.  
  5. The next stage is tricky as well so take your time with this also. You need to roll your blunt gently to pack the cannabis in and create that cigar shape again. When you think it’s right, tuck the edge of the wrap under itself and lick it as you would with a joint. Smooth it together so that everything starts to stick.  
  6. The final stage is commonly called baking the blunt. This involves using a lighter to run some heat over the damp blunt and dry it out. Don’t hold the flame too close, of course, and move it quickly over the surface.  

Once this is done, your blunt is now ready to light up and smoke. You might want to set it on the table in front of your guests first so that they can stare at in admiration.  

Common Blunt Mistakes 

One of the biggest mistakes that newbies make when learning how to roll a blunt is to be far too aggressive. It’s a gentle roll so take your time and you should end up with a decent end product. Others will put either too much or too little saliva on the wrap to make it more pliable. The other big mistake is choosing the wrong cigar.  

What’s the Difference Between a Joint and a Blunt? 

Joints can be any size depending on how adventurous you are feeling. They are almost exclusively filled with your cannabis material and wrapped in a cigarette paper. The difference with a blunt is that it is wrapped in the tobacco leaves which are going to add to the flavor.  

The reason some people prefer a joint to a blunt is that difference in taste. If you choose the wrong cigar to wrap your cannabis in it can make the experience quite acrid. That means you might like to experiment with different cigar types before you settle on one that suits your taste.  

Another big difference is that joints are usually a lot easier to roll and make. That’s why some people tend to prefer them over blunts. Once you’ve learned how to roll a blunt, however, it does open up a whole new world. They’re great for handing round at parties, which is why they are probably best kept for special occasions.  

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How To Roll A Blunt

The burn time is one major factor that attracts some connoisseurs to the blunt. Because it’s quite thick and well packed, it doesn’t burn down as quickly which means it should last longer than your average joint. You can also use them to pack in extra cannabis, depending on the type of cigar that you choose. For social occasions, it means you don’t have to worry about the blunt burning down and disappearing before it’s got back to you. 

Can You Get Blunts Pre-Rolled? 

Of course, you may not want the hassle of learning how to roll a blunt at all. That’s okay. If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, chances are you’ll be able to find pre-rolled varieties in store. They’re just as good if you have a special occasion coming up.  

The art of blunt rolling may have plenty of competition from joint lovers, dabbers and vapers, but it’s still one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis. As with anything learning how to roll a blunt is all about practice. If you don’t want to waste your cannabis, you can always fill it up with tobacco while you develop your rolling skills.  

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