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A Guide to Packing a Stash Box

If you’re serious about cannabis, you’ll have at least some kind of stash box. Whether you take weed for medicinal or recreational purposes, buy from stores or grow and cure your own plants, you need somewhere to put all that important kit.

How big or small your stash box is will depend on how dedicated you are and what you use it for. Cannabis users get pretty attached to their apparel and many are very protective or have a favorite grinder, pipe or bong. Once you’ve spent so much time getting the right kit together, you want to make sure it remains in good condition.

What you have in your stash box may well be something of a rites of passage thing too. You open it up in company and if you get gasps of appreciation, you know you’re doing something right. Indeed, this kind of storage is often a memory box of how a person’s relationship with cannabis has developed over the years.

Some enthusiasts will have several stash boxes – perhaps a larger one for home and a smaller, portable one for when they’re out at a party or camping.

Here we take a look at what you need to make a great stash box and the different sorts of things you can put in it.

What is a Stash Box?

There is a steadily growing list of cannabis products appearing on the market today. We’ve moved way beyond the traditional bunch of cigarette papers or glass bong. There are vaping pens, dab rigs, pipes, grinders, lighters, pokers and storage jars for your weed, in whatever form you have it.

A stash box is basically a container that you use to keep everything together in one place. It’s useful if you need to hide your paraphernalia away from prying eyes, keep everything safe and dry or simply want a box you can carry your stuff from A to B quite easily.

Make a Statement With Your Stash Box

For some people, the stash box is simply a useful tool. For others, it’s designed to make a statement. We suggest that you give your box choice a little thought and consider these few factors:

  • Is it robust enough and built to last? You might be travelling a lot and that box may get bashed around. We’re talking tin, aluminum or sturdy wood rather than an old cardboard box here.
  • Does it need a lock? If you figure someone is going to take your stash, a lockable box is important, though it won’t stop someone taking the whole thing.
  • How big does it need to be? This is a personal thing and will depend on how much paraphernalia you have.
  • Do I need more than one? Some people have a travel stash box as well as a main one. A lot will depend on how keen a cannabis user you are, of course.

What to Use for a Stash Box

Some people go for an empty sweet tin, others want to be more extravagant and colorful. An old music/jewelry box is another option, especially if has compartments. You can, of course, now buy ready-made stash boxes online or get personalized ones made up for you. The choice is yours. Just make sure your stash box is built to last and looks the part.

10 Things to Include in Your Stash Box

So, what are you going to put in your stash box? It’s going to depend on how into the cannabis scene you are. If you just like to roll joints, it’s going to be pretty basic – a set of papers, your stash, lighter and maybe a poking tool with a few cones.

Here’s our list of equipment you may need:

1. Your Weed

Of course, the first thing you’ll put in that box is your stash. Whether this is concentrate, bud or something else, you’ll want to keep it protected, either in a sealed bag or airtight container like a jar. Concentrate can be fairly oily so keeping it separate is important.

Our advice is to have separate containers or sealable bags for each different product so you don’t get mixed up. Ceramic storage jars with tight lids are a great option and show you’re serious.

2. Rolling Papers

If you smoke, you’re going to include rolling papers, of course, you are. But you also might want to include some crutches, cones or filters if you are a little more health conscious. You’ll also want a solid and reliable petrol lighter that you can depend on to ignite your joint. For those special occasions, there may be a cigar or two included for making that impressive blunt.

3. Poking Tools

The idea of keeping everything in one place is important if you like easy access. The last thing you want when you’re high is to be searching around for the right tool. Almost any thin object can be used as a poking tool to tamp down your weed but make sure you have one in your stash box to avoid getting frustrated.

4. Grinding Tools

If you want to get the best out of your stash and like nothing more than a bit of dry herb, investing in a really good quality grinder is important. Go for a heavy duty, portable device that has a repeatable and sturdy action. Stainless steel is usually the best material. Grinders are not just for vaping enthusiasts and they almost always tend to come in handy at a get-together or on a camping trip.

5. Dabbing Tools

Another important tool you might want to include in your stash box is a dabber. These are portable devices and you can get some really striking and artistic ones nowadays. You may not be a regular dabber but having one in your kit can save you trying to find an alternative if the need arises.

6. Vape Pen

Including a vape pen in your kit means that you are always ready for action. The design of portable vape pens and devices has really improved over recent years and no cannabis user should be without one. Our advice is to go for quality and spend a little more money on a device with good temperature controls and a strong, long-lasting battery.

7. Stash Box Extras

While not directly related to your cannabis lifestyle, there are other things you might want to include in your stash box. The first is a penknife. You never know when you’re going to need a blade to fashion out a pipe from an apple or cucumber or clean out someone’s pipe. Better to be safe than sorry.

If that smoke is getting in your eyes and making them itchy, a few saline eyedrops could be just the ticket, so include a bottle in your stash box. And, if you want to keep the smell down and your kit dry, include a couple of humidity and odor control packs in there as well.

You might want a small pack of black peppercorns too? Why? Many cannabis connoisseurs swear by these for taking the edge off a bad high – all you need to do is put a corn into your mouth and crunch on it. We won’t swear that it works ourselves but it will at least make you look like an expert who’s ready for anything.

What to Put in a Bigger Stash Box

For those who want to be totally prepared for other eventualities, you’re going to need a bigger stash box to cope with all that extra stuff. You might want to include an ashtray, for example, especially if you smoke or want to a stable receptacle to keep your stash safe when outdoors or at someone else’s house.

Munchies are a perennial problem when getting high so enough space to put in a few snacks such as a bag of potato chips or other edibles may be important to you. When you smoke, vape or dab, your mouth can also get pretty dry so something to solve that problem may be important to you such as a herbal mouth spray or a couple of bags of herbal tea.

Making up a stash box is a really personal thing and the contents vary from person to person. If you take cannabis for therapeutic reasons, your stash box contents will look totally different to someone’s who is a recreational user.

Some people like small and portable with just a few items while others go for a stash box that is designed to fit all their paraphernalia and looks more like a chest. You might want your stash box to be obscure because you want to keep everything secret or you may be extrovert and like to make a personal statement with the design and size. The choice is entirely yours.

The big benefit of a stash box is that it simply keeps everything together in one place. You can use any relatively sturdy container but we suggest one that is airtight and watertight. That way you will ensure your cannabis and your kit are all kept in good condition at all times.

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