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A Degree In Cannabis- The 5 Best Degrees In Cannabis

What are your options if you’re looking to build your career through cannabis education.

The cannabis industry is positioned for incredible growth over the next few decades, what was frowned upon as a controversial drug a few years back has truly become an area of opportunity, jobs and much more. With the exponential growth in the cannabis industry, the world is finally realising the plethora of opportunities it presents in terms of jobs and economic development.

The industry is still in its nascent stage, which means that regulations are being formed to firm up the laws and legislations. Despite this there’s no denying that there is need of formally trained and educated professionals who can give credibility to this booming industry. While choosing careers many students look towards opting for careers that can help become successful and provide them with a full filling job. An education and career in the cannabis industry can help you achieve just that!

The cannabis industry is essentially a business opportunity waiting to be exploited. The degree of change in public perception regarding cannabis in recent times has led to prominent educational institutions taking it on as a full fledge educational course. Whether it is the medical benefits, the benefits as a relaxant and a potential cure for cancer, the desensitization against the drug is surely opening doors to many job for young people! Research firm Cowen&Co. estimates that the cannabis market will be worth $75 billion by 2030, this means that the avenues of job opportunities will be limitless and right now is the time to take the plunge and pursue an education in cannabis.

The jobs and education related to the industry will be in a wide array of expertise. From specialized business professionals, chemists, botanists, business development representatives and finance related jobs there will be jobs in all positions. If an applicant possess a background and is intimate industry nuances, they will be deemed a perfect fit for the best opportunities.

If you’re a student interested in a career path in the cannabis industry, the good news is you have a number of specializations and degrees to choose from. The educational opportunities are not limited to any part of the world and the most prestigious universities in the world are

offering 4 year programs and specializations in different facets of the cannabis industry. Read on to find out about the 5 best university programs in cannabis.

Northern Michigan University:

Northern Michigan University in US is offering the most detailed cannabis related program. Situated in the United States of America, this degree has been dubbed by many as the ‘marijuana degree’, for fun. The fact is it is a holistic education of chemistry, horticulture, biology and financial management.

The multi-faceted degree allows students to major in the essential dealing of the plant management, its benefits, and a heavily loaded research component which allows them to delve deeper into the potential ways it can benefit the world. The versatility of this degree is its unique selling point, by combining the specialization of chemistry, biology and business management this degree equips you with knowledge that will help you in your career. Even if your chosen career path is not in the cannabis industry, the knowledge acquired from this degree will help you perform brilliantly at any career you chose.

At least a C Chemistry and a high credit score are some of the prerequisites for this degree. While it may seem frivolous to some, pursuing a career in this field needs hard work and a lot of studying. The faculty teaching the courses are experienced individuals trained to ensure that students understand what they’re in for when they enrol in the program. Within two years of coming into existence, the Medicinal Plant Chemistry attracted the attention of numerous candidates, out of which 230 were selected. There are scholarships available but the overall degree is expensive.

University Of Maryland- Masters of Science in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics

Another prominent university in the United States offering a solely cannabis related program is the University of Maryland in Washington. It is a degree offered in their School of Pharmacy and the program aims to holistically equip students with knowledge while clinically dealing with cannabis. The degree has a very heavy focus on the clinical use, science and medicinal use of cannabis. Dubbed the Master of Science in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics it is a great education option for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in the medicinal benefits of

cannabis. The degree also equips students on how to support patients, contribute to research and develop policy regarding cannabis usage. The educational style is an amalgamation of online classwork and in person instruction.

“The medical cannabis industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years, and is projected to expand even further over the next decade,” says Natalie D. Eddington, PhD, FCP, FAAPS, dean and professor of the UM School of Pharmacy. “

The degree at University of Maryland aims to foster the development of an educated workforce in what seems to be an inevitable industry which will breakthrough many industries through innovation and research. The more educated and well equipped the work force is, the sooner will the world be able to reap the many benefits of cannabis. This Master’s program is designed specially for those who already possess a bachelor’s degree and are interested in pursuing a career in the medical cannabis industry. They may later specialize in benefits of use of cannabis and how to incorporate in patient healing, or they may take up research and study to discover more medicinal benefits of the plan. The University of Washington School of Medicine – Medicinal Cannabis and Chronic Pain

The University of Washington has a training course designed for anyone who has interest in learning more about cannabis but is not ready to take the plunge completely. Designed by health care professionals this extensive course has two separate modules each which deals with a different facet. The first module talks about basic cannabis medicinal benefits. It equips the students with the knowledge of the benefits of cannabis and how to ensure situation appropriate usage of the drug for maximum benefit.

The second part of the module talks about best practices and how to conduct one’s self when dealing with cannabis. It also teaches you how to introduce cannabis to patients and which patients are best suited for which drug prescription.

Students of pharmacy, chemistry, medicine can particularly benefit from this course. The additional knowledge from this can help give them a better perspective of what they will learn in case they decide to pursue a full load degree in cannabis.

Oaksterdam University

Oaksterdam University in California is another place that has pioneered itself as a full fledge ‘green university’, it proudly holds the title of America’s first cannabis college and offers a wide range of certificates and programs in different facets of cannabis industry.

Prospects students have exciting options to either opt for business or horticulture related programs with regards to cannabis. The objective of the college is to make sure that all the different aspects of cannabis industry are encapsulated in their offered programs.

For science majors they have chemistry and botany related programs, for aspiring medicinal and pharmacy majors and business/finance majors they have programs best suited for their skill set.

Clark University

The second graduate program launched recently was that of Clark University, which took upon itself to pioneer a graduate certificate in regulatory affairs for cannabis control. With the usage legalization of cannabis in many parts of the world it is important that educated professionals are equipped with the knowledge of its regulations and law. The students comprehensively learn public policy when it comes to cannabis, not only in the light of consumption but also in terms of cultivation, sales and other usages.

The dean of college is LaBrei said the program was “born out of the fact that there was a substantial gap between the public interest and public policy in states that have legalized adult-use cannabis. “The legalization effort has often come as a result of citizen referendum, yet the legal and public policy construct has not been fully developed to realize market integration of a previously illegal substance.”

Clark university faculty is adamant to develop policy makers who will fill the gap that exists in the market at the moment.

More prospects:

Canada, where cannabis is now legalized, universities are ensuring that they are preparing students to fill the needs of this new and upcoming industry. Prominent universities like McGill and University of Toronto are amidst strategizing, developing and creating their own one year degree program for cannabis.

The programs are due to be launched soon and they will aim to create growers or managers for the cannabis industry worldwide. Students will be specifically taught to maximize growing conditions, study the genetic makeup of the plant and explore more medicinal properties which can create a breakthrough in medicine and cures of diseases.

The Bottom Line

Whether you love it or hate it you cannot ignore the sudden boom in the cannabis industry. But one thing is for sure if you decide to pursue an education in this field you are surely ahead of the curve, this industry depicts the future of many medicinal and agricultural breakthroughs. While it

might seem like a cult right now, the way things are working out it wouldn’t be wrong to say a degree in cannabis is a degree in the future of the world and where it’s headed!

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