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92% of Paediatricians Support Access to Medical Cannabis for Children with Cancer

A new survey has revealed that health professionals in the United States are now overwhelmingly in favour of children with cancer having access to medical cannabis.

The journal who published the study, Pediatrics, sent a 32-item, cross-sectional survey to 654 pediatric oncology providers in Washington, Illinois and Massachusetts. 44% of oncology providers responded and the results were quite startling.

It was revealed that 92% of all respondents were willing to help children with cancer to access medical cannabis. This subsequently suggests that almost 100% of oncologists who responded believe that cannabis has some therapeutic properties.

In stark contrast however, it was revealed that only 5% of respondents knew their state-specific laws on medical cannabis. This suggests that education is needed in all sectors of the medical industry to ensure that health professionals are aware of their local laws regarding medical cannabis.

The survey data in full can be viewed here.

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