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8 Steps for Setting up a Perfect Grow Room

There is nothing more rewarding than a successful harvest after weeks of hard work and dedication. However, many can fail at the first hurdle by failing to set up a grow room correctly. However, with a few small alterations, you can avoid a failed grow.

So whether you have always been an outdoor grower, failed at past attempts at indoor cultivation or simply are a newcomer to growing cannabis, this 8-step guide to setting up the perfect indoor grow room should help you achieve the end result you want.

Please note that this is a suggestive guide only. We do not advocate the cultivation of cannabis in countries/states where it is illegal to do so. We would always advise customers to check their local laws before growing cannabis. 

1 – Finding the Right Space

While finding a quiet spot to grow has its obvious benefits, its actually far more important to source a space where your plants can flourish. You need to take into account that your plants will be set up off the ground in containers, perhaps by 1 foot. You also need to remember that any lamps you are using will require around a foot of hanging space.

In some rooms, this leaves very little room left for your plants to grow. Of course, plant training methods such as bending and pruning can help resolve this issue if you are forced to grow in a compact space.

However, if you are keen for your grow to reach its full potential, you need to offer enough space for plants to flourish in both height and width.

2 – Enclose the Room

One of the biggest challenges when trying to mimic outdoor conditions in an indoor grow room is to enclose the space. This means that all furniture, especially large pieces of material like curtains need to be removed, as they can harbour fungi.

You must also have control over everything that enters and exits the room, as you are risking contamination every time you interact with your plants. Do not bring unnecessary foreign objects in with you. The only things needed are you and the tools required to maintain the health of your plants (and even these should be sparkling clean!).

3- Consider Painting

While this is not a compulsory factor when setting up an indoor grow room, it can certainly improve your chances of a perfect harvest.

By covering the walls, ceiling and floors with flat white paint, you are increasing reflection.

More reflection means more light energy available to your plants. Light coverage can improve by as much as 100% if you have painted the room white.

Alternatively, use another reflective material to cover the walls and floor, it should prove just as useful.

4 – Remember the Fans

Two of the most important things to ensure that your plants remain healthy is a constant supply of fresh air and optimum air circulation.

There are just two things that are required for this.

  • A vent to the outside – this can be an open window or a duct vented to the outside
  • An oscillating fan inside the room – this works well to ensure air circulation. Just be sure that the fan is moving at all times and isn’t stationary. A stationary fan can cause windburn to your plants and, in the case of young seedlings, can dry them out completely.

5 – Water, Water, Everywhere

Depending on the size of your grow, you could need access to A LOT of water in your grow room. For example a 10ft x 10ft garden could need more than 50 gallons of water per week.

Before you cause any damage to your back by hauling buckets of water to your grow room every hour, why not run a hose into the room so that you can adequately water your plants with little effort.

Just ensure that the water pressure coming from the hose does not overwhelm your plant and cause any damage.

6 – Floor Protection

Firstly, the floor of your grow room should be concrete or a similar smooth surface so that cleaning is an easy task! If you can not grow in a room with a concrete or similar floor, use a white painter’s dropcloth to protect the material underneath from inevitable moisture.

It is also advisable to place every plant pot in a tray, as it adds protection and will collect moisture easily, making clean up much easier.

7 – Light Fixtures

If your grow room is going to hold a substantial number of plants at any one time, you may need some powerful, expensive lights.

These lights can weigh upwards of 30 pounds and so need hooks strong enough to be mounted on. You DO NOT want to break your lights, especially if you have paid good money for the best quality.

It is also worthwhile attaching an adjustable pulley or chain to the lights. This way, you can access your plants when maintaining them, without having to work your way around these large objects.

8 – Tool Up!

While you do not have to be stocked with the most expensive gadgets on the market, having the right, high-quality tools will ensure that your grow goes smoothly.

For example, PH meters are essential to ensure that your soil is in good conditions, while a hygrometer can tell a cultivator when humidity is too high and potentially save an entire harvest.

By having the necessary tools around before you begin to grow, you could save yourself plenty of headaches later on in the plants life cycle.

After following these 8 steps, you should now be ready to move your seedlings into the grow room. Be patient, positive and thorough – this will lead to a successful outcome. Good Luck!

Cultivation information, and media is given for those of our clients who live in countries where cannabis cultivation is decriminalised or legal, or to those that operate within a licensed model. We encourage all readers to be aware of their local laws and to ensure they do not break them.


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