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6 Reasons to Buy Barney’s Farm

Due to the vast variety of breeders that have inundated the marketplace over the past decade, deciding which cannabis seeds best fit your needs can prove to be quite the daunting task.

But breeders like Barney’s Farm have proven over the years as to why their line of seeds deserve to be in your collection.

Not only are the breeders at Barney’s Farm passionate about their end product and the career paths that they’ve chosen, but they’ve made the commitment to continually provide top notch genetics all while dedicating efforts to create fresh offerings to their already immense inventory.

We’ve come up with a list of attributable aspects as to why Barney’s Farm should be growing in your garden.

Proven Winners!

The breeders at Barney’s Farm have proudly accepted numerous international prizes for their genetics, which includes more than 40 Cannabis Cups to their honour. Now that’s what we consider proving your worth!


Like we mentioned earlier, with a marketplace that’s flooded with choices, it’s important to go with a company you know. And if you’re in-the-know when it comes to the grow, then you’ve certainly heard or seen the name Barney’s Farm before, which means they’re not only proven winners, but they’re highly recognized on an international basis for their successful genetics.


It’s one thing to know how to successfully breed plants for seeds, but it’s crucial for the success of your business to breed seeds of high quality. And that’s why the breeders at Barney’s Farm have carefully chosen only the best male plants to dance and romance their female plants and ensure their end product is of the utmost quality they can produce.


Most seed shoppers are looking for the best bean they can buy for their buck. And just as you would want a product like your laptop to be built by a company with an understanding of the computer industry, it’s commonplace to want the folks breeding your seeds to be knowledgeable about their trade as well. And the team of breeders over at Barney’s Farm is comprised of skilled staff members with a wealth of experience.


Not only has Barney’s Farm’s experience, quality, recognition and proven worth earned them a stable position among the plethora of seedbanks in today’s marketplace, but their loyalty to producing stable genetics has made certain the beans you buy from them will produce a pleasing return.


When you’re shopping for something of significance, such as seeds for your collection, it’s important to ponder how passionate a company or individual is about their craft. And the folks at Barney’s Farm have previously established the fact that they’re highly recognizable in the seed industry, they’re driven to produce quality products, they’re incredibly experienced and they offer their customers stable genetics that are proven Cannabis Cup winners, which shows they’re quite passionate about what they do, breed cannabis seeds!

So, when you find yourself scratching your head as to which seeds you’re going to add to your connoisseur collection next, be sure to keep these simple guidelines in mind and purchase from Barney’s Farm with confidence.

By Erik G

You can buy the award winning strains from Barney’s Farm directly from Seedsman here.



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