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5 Tips to Prevent Disease, Pests and Fungi in your Indoor Grow Room

One of the most common reasons for growing cannabis plants indoors is to prevent any external interference with the growth of your harvest.

However, just because your grow is secure from the elements, it doesn’t mean that disease, pests and fungi will not find their way to your plants. In fact, many cultivators are left frustrated as their plants growing indoors are attacked by the aforementioned external forces, even when they think the room is totally secure.

So, how can you prevent these pesky problems from infiltrating your indoor grow?

These five tips should help your plants thrive in their indoor environment.

Ditch the Debris

While some websites will tell you that using mulch is a good way to protect and insulate you soil, it can actually have the opposite effect.

Insects and fungi enjoy hiding in dark corners, under decaying leaves or rotting mulch.

Unless you are 100% sure that the mulch that you are using is organic and will not permit external forces gathering, it is best to keep the top soil completely clean.

Keep ‘Em Clean

Clean everything – an obvious but often overlooked tip to ensure that disease, pests and fungi keep away from your indoor grow.

Sanitary precautions should be taken every time you enter your grow room.

By wearing clean clothes that have not been exposed to the elements and keeping your tools sparkling clean, you should keep your plants healthy.

Dipping your tools in rubbing alcohol is a good idea but a thorough scrubbing with soap and hot water can be just as effective.

And most importantly, wash your hands before touching your plants!

One Use Potting Soil

While some cultivators claim that using the same potting soil again and again can save them money, in the long run it will be detrimental to your plants.

Used soil is depleted of nutrients and can therefore harbour pests and diseases that could diminish your harvest significantly.

Starting every new grow in new potting soil may cost more up front but will keep your grow healthy time after time.

Buy Pest and Disease Resistant Strains

Times have changed in the cannabis industry. Now, you can purchase thousands of different strains of cannabis in seed form.

Through selective breeding, there are now a number of strains that can claim to be “mould resistant” or “disease resistant”.

While this can never be guaranteed, purchasing these seeds will likely lead to a hassle-free grow.

So take a look online and grab those “Resistant Strains” – it could save you a headache or two!

Ventilate and Circulate

Most experienced cultivators understand the value of a grow room with a proper air circulation setup. This helps your plants in a number of ways, not least through the prevention of fungi and pests latching themselves onto your plants. Pests will be literally blown off your grow by the wind, while fungal spores struggle to settle in breezy conditions.

Ventilation also keeps the humidity of a grow room down. Mould thrives in humid conditions, so by investing in a vent fan to remove that moist air, you will remove the danger of mould settling on your plants.

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