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5 Sativa Dominant Strains to Look Out for in 2018

For sativa lovers out there who are in search of that mind racing, creative energetic high, know that even growing these large yielding strains can be challenging and demanding even to an experienced grower.

However, you will never be disappointed with these wonderful strains. Notorious for their long flowering times and excessive yield, sativa strains are well worth their weight in gold.

Below is a list of the top 5 sativa strains to look out for in 2018.

1. Sensi Seeds – NL#5 x Haze Fem – Buy Now

11 Weeks Flowering Time

It may almost be 2018 but this haze dominant sativa strain from Sensi Seeds, represents the best of the old school stock.

Having won first prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1993 and 3rd place in the High Life Bio Cup in 2002, this 11 week flowering hybrid is absolute quality.

Many of the modern day breeders still work with this strain because of its superiority and pure reliability.

The flowers have a distinct orange citrus odour with a racy soaring high that can be overwhelming to the novice user.

A blast from the past, NL #5 x Haze is a great recommendation for new growers to see one of the original breeding blocks and where it all started. Be warned though, this sativa strain can grow tall and will produce an excessive amount of buds!

2. Nirvana – Hawaii Maui Waui Fem – Buy Now

11 Weeks Flowering Time

Selected from the old Hawaiian landrace genetics, this sativa strain is an enormous grower with fine bladed fan leaves.

Maui Waui can grow rapidly outdoors and when it flowers, it will produce tightly stacked buds that will have the most intense tropical fruit punch aroma.

Not the biggest of yielders compared to some of the hybrids but this landrace variety is a true expression of zesty euphoric dreamy tropical flavours.

The THC content of the Hawaiian Maui Waui is not sky high, so when smoking this you can enjoy it throughout the day and late at night.

Certainly a throw back to the old days for original haze lovers, this is not a particularly strong strain but the terpenes are heavenly; even the hardcore indica lover will enjoy this sativa strain.

3. Seedsman – Power Africa Fem – Buy Now

9 Weeks Flowering Time

Power Africa is a sativa dominant strain which has the benefit of a shortened flowering time.

Using original landrace genetics from Durban, South Africa and crossing it with a Skunk x Haze, the result is a solid plant that produces good yields of hazy lemon musk.

The Durban Poison landrace was also used in the early development of the Girl Scout Cookies strain.

The effect of Power Africa is energetic and creative and some what euphoric. Not as racy as some of the original sativa strains, but certainly a great sativa for anyone looking for something new.

4. Barney’s Farm – Acapulco Gold – Buy Now

10 Weeks Flowering Time

A Sativa Cup winner in 2010 from Barneys Farm, this central American landrace is an expression of original genetics found in the Mexican region.

Untouched and back crossed for hundreds of years, Acapulco Gold will take up to 10 weeks to flower and the buds can test up to 21% THC.

This strain can remain shorter than most sativas when growing and can finish with a maximum height of around 100-120cm. You will be rewarded with an abundant harvest of cherry berry scented buds and when smoked, will enjoy a wet fruit cocktail mouthwash.

Considering this is a landrace, it is a seriously strong strain so a great recommendation for growers who want to try something from the other side of the world.

5. Sensi Seeds – Jack Herer – Buy Now

10-12 Weeks Flowering Time

Jack Herer is the real deal.

Well known for a stretch of up to 400% in flower with some phenotypes, this hybrid of haze, skunk and other unknown varieties that was kept a secret recipe for a long time, will reward growers with huge harvests of lemon mango dense buds, with the most exotic orange citrus funky flavour.

Jack Herer from Sensi Seeds is recommended for more experienced growers as some phenotypes of this sativa can take 84 days before you can harvest.

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