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5 Questions with Garden of Green

As part of our 5+5 promotion, Seedsman is sitting down with the breeders involved to learn a little bit more about who they are. Up next is Garden of Green, an organic seed breeder who’s made incredible waves in the industry.

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Here’s Garden of Green:

How did you guys get started? What was the motivation? 

Originally, we got involved in the seed industry by being one of Ireland’s first cannabis seed retailers. We are all passionate about the plant, so it was a natural move. The Irish seed bank was created almost 20 years ago. When we realized the variety of clients we had and how large this market was, even for a small country like Ireland, we opened probably one of the first shops in Europe dedicated only to cannabis seeds, which was 2009.

Our idea was to become an expert in seeds and constantly monitor the evolution of the market to offer the best the cannabis world had to offer. Through this, we witnessed the evolution of the business, saw the emergence of the feminized seeds, the first autos, the rise of the Spanish seedbanks, which offered lower prices and democratized this business and got convinced this combination of 3 factors would be the future of the industry. That’s when we decided to create a seed bank that would be focused on affordable, high-quality, feminized seeds with a dedicated line of autos.

Travelling extensively for our businesses and having an international crew from the start, we were able to put together a team of breeders and cannabis aficionados from different countries and a wide range of skills and experiences; Garden of Green was born.

Garden of Green has always focused on providing medical cannabis seeds; is this still a primary focus of the brand as you’ve grown? 

There is no doubt in our mind that we have only started to find out about the medical benefits of the cannabis plant, so this remains a primary focus indeed. As more research is done on the benefits of separate cannabinoids and terpenes, we look for different types of plants and terpene profiles, all the while trying to satisfy our clients’ expectations.

As we grew and became more global, we partnered with US breeders to source and produce the best medical strains from the US, a country at the forefront of the cannabis industry.  That’s how we came to create a full collection of US strains before they became trendy.

What’s your favourite strain you’ve got on offer at the moment, and why? 

I have no favorite strain per se; it all depends on the time of the day or what I am trying to do with cannabis. I suffer from bouts of insomnia, so when this is happening. I use Kush Mass or Sherbet. If I am with friends, I go for Phantom Cookies Domina, it is very unique, and I just love the effect.

You’re known for using only strict organic farming methods. Is this still the case, and why is this a priority? 

One of the original members was an organic farmer, working with and helping farms switch from chemically based to organic cultivation. The notion of sustainability was not as much in fashion as it is today, but he was convinced this would play a big role in the future, farming practices would change, and that the cannabis industry would not be immune to this change. He was the driving force in our early implementation of organic farming, which is very much in use today to produce our seeds. 

There is a much bigger awareness today of the health risk posed by chemical exposition, and a lot of research is done about the effect of chemical agents on human health.

As this becomes a prominent health issue worldwide, we believe more and more people will switch to organic food, limit their interactions with chemicals in their day-to-day care products, and they will want to grow their plants in the same environmentally friendly and healthier way. You can see this happening already with more and more organic nutrient companies emerging or traditional companies releasing organic lines of nutrients and offering customers a choice. 

What lessons have the last year taught you that’d guide how you create and sell seeds in the future? 

This crisis has taught us many lessons if we take the time to reflect upon it. 

You can no longer rely on one production site, and having a decentralised structure spread across countries will help limit issues. When Spain closed in early 2020, many seed companies based there found themselves almost unable to operate. On the other hand,  we have production sites in different countries, and although challenged, we were slightly less impacted. This allowed us to supply our largest distributors, business partners with limited disruptions, and our retail clients did not suffer seeds shortages, only longer delays for seeds to reach them.

The second teaching is that you cannot rely on 1 channel of distribution. Brick and mortar businesses suffered greatly while online retailers thrived. In my opinion, a business has to be part of both the physical and digital world, having several ways to distribute seeds to clients. We had to close our shops like all during the pandemic, but our websites were extremely busy during this challenging time. 

Finally, one of the lessons learned is that you need to be as flexible and reactive as possible as a business. For instance, as soon as we learned lockdown would come into force, we reached out to and shipped much larger than usual amounts of seeds to our main distributors allowing them to maintain some sort of business when supply became almost nonexistent, and they appreciated this. With you, for instance, we were in contact almost daily at some stage, which helped us both navigate this troubling time.

In the future, we will focus on applying some of these ideas further, optimizing our geographical presence, focusing on the US, where we hope to open a site soon, develop our distribution channel further, and increase our online presence. 

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