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5 Classic Cannabis Strains

In the 1980s and 90s, the weed space was a very different arena. Before the master breeders and advanced cultivation techniques came to the fore, cannabis was certainly available, but the strain choice was a lot more limited. That said, there was some big innovation happening, and some truly classic cannabis strains were created.

You hardly hear of these retro strains anymore, but they were the most desirable strains of their day. The five we have highlighted here have a timeless appeal and are widely regarded as ‘cannabis classics’. Each of these is well worth a revisit, not just to wander into a nostalgic haze, but because their quality withstands the test of time.

Chocolate Skunk

As a result of what was a rare and bold experimental breeding, Chocolate Skunk dared to cross a delicious-tasting cocoa-flavoured bud, Chocolope, with a high-THC Thai Skunk strain. The result was a potent and flavoursome hit that enjoyed popularity in the 1980s.

Chocolate Skunk was an uplifting sativa-dominant strain with a smooth, nutty taste that delivered an almost instant uplifting, energising sensation. Still available to this day, it is considered by some to be an excellent medicinal strain for those suffering from fatigue or depression due to its powerful euphoric effects. Chocolate Skunk feminised seeds are available here.

Big Bud

The aptly-named Big Bud was a big deal back in the 1980s, and with good reason. First rearing its head in the USA in the 1970s, Big Bud was sent to the Netherlands in the 1980s and became a staple smoke in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, where the Dutch Masters would stabilise its genetics. Believed to be a hybrid of Northern Lights, Skunk #1 and an Afghani, Big Bud is an indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet, fruity aroma and a taste to match.

The original Big Bud is hard to come by now, but it’s said to be a proper couch lock strain, perfect for evenings and great for those struggling with sleep. Seedsman has a variety of Big Bud seeds, with photoperiod seeds available from Nirvana Seeds here and feminised seeds here.

Skunk #1

It’s hard to imagine anyone could forget Skunk #1. Winner of the first-ever High Times Cannabis Cup way back in 1988, Skunk#1 has retro wrote all over it – its parentage of Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold is as classic old-school as it gets, and so game-changing was this hybrid that it became one of the leading staples in crossbreeding for new strains worldwide.

classic Cannabis

Fast forward to 2021, and its fast life cycle, exceptional blooming qualities and resilience are still at the backbone of many of today’s favourite hybrid strains, qualifying it as true cannabis royalty. Skunk #1 has the kind of earthy, skunky taste you’d expect, with a bit of spiciness for good measure. It packs an energetic and creative head buzz, along with a deep, relaxing body effect – and reviews rave about Skunk #1 as legendary to this day. Get your Skunk #1 seeds here.

White Russian

The idea of cross-breeding the White Widow and AK47 strains sounds exactly like something two stoners would come up with! In the 1990s, it became a reality when Dutch breeders Serious Seeds married these two notoriously potent strains. Some considered White Russian to be the most potent strain on the planet. And it was rewarded with a Cannabis Cup win in 1996.

classic Cannabis

This sativa-heavy plant is one you seldom hear of nowadays. Although its White Widow parent has stood the test of time. The earthy, dank smell of White Russian gave way to a fruity taste before incredible euphoric, cerebral sensations. Ones that stimulated the mind and relaxed the body and took over. Serious Seeds White Russian is available here.


A true classic cannabis strain, Chronic was a huge deal in the 1990s. Since then, the strain itself has been low key. But left its name as a by-word in some circles to refer to any heavy or high-quality cannabis. Bred by Serious Seeds in 1994, by crossing the aforementioned Skunk #1 with AK-47 and Northern Lights, Chronic was immediately lauded. It took 3rd place in the Cannabis Cup later that year before taking six more honours over the next decade.

classic Cannabis

Everybody wanted a piece of this indica-dominant legend back in the day. Its name became almost synonymous with rap culture. Although the strain itself appeared 2 years after Dr Dre’s album of the same name. Dozens of variations exist to this day that bears the Chronic name. For the original Serious Seeds version, click here.

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