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3 Ways to Discover the Sex of Cannabis Plants

Need to Discover the Sex of Cannabis Plants?

While sexing has gained a reputation as one of the tougher parts of the cultivation process, there are some key signs that, if spotted early enough, can help to detect whether you have a male in your female crop. The more experience you have with cultivation, the easier spotting the sex of your plants becomes. However, in case you are new to the growing process, we have come up with some handy tips that should help you ensure that no pesky males begin to pollinate your female plants.

1. Growth Patterns

While this may be the least definitive way of being able to tell the sex of your plant, it is perhaps the simplest method. This method follows a general rule concerning the growth patterns of the plants. Female plants tend to be short and squat, with a far denser, bushy appearance. On the other hand, male plants tend to be long-limbed with a much longer internodal (a portion of stem between nodes) length.

2. Pre-Flower Signs

Perhaps the most telling way of discovering the sex of your plants is the appearance of pre-flowers. Male pre-flowers are relatively easy to spot and can be found at the junctions of the branches and stem. The pollen sacs are in the shape of little balls. On the other hand, while female pre-flowers will appear in the same location as their male counterparts, they will look very different. Very small white hairs, known as pistils will appear on female pre-flowers only. This is the time when you can remove any unwanted male plants from your grow.

3. Spotting the Seed Pods

While this way of spotting the sex of your plants is an “it’s too late” scenario, it is still valuable information that will allow you to distinguish the sex of your plants, even as the near they end of their grow. To find out whether your female plant has been pollinated or not, take a look at the seed pods in the main cola. If they are swollen with seeds, then your plant has been pollinated by a male. However, the pods may be swollen with THC as “false pods”, which means that you removed the male plant in time.

Do you have any unique tips on how to sex your plants? Let us know in the comments section below.

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