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10 Quick Questions: Mosca Seeds

Bred using the best in stateside genetics, Mosca Seeds is a new seed bank whose popularity is constantly rising. Producing mainly indica and skunk based hybrids, Mosca Seeds have built up a great reputation in a very short space of time with the quality of their strains. We sat down with their founders to discuss their history, strains and what makes them so popular with cannabis seed enthusiasts.

1. How was Mosca Seeds born?

Mosca Seeds started by way of preservation. We wanted to keep the Cinderella 99 strain available to enjoy in the future. However, the Brother’s Grimm were no longer in business and Cinderella 99 seeds were no longer available. Our project was to preserve and protect this special strain that we had connected with. With the guidance of our good friend Gerrit Slot of Magus Genetics, we were able to start the process of breeding through plant selection, pollination and testing of offspring. After producing the f1 and f2’s of the Cinderella 99 seedline, we began giving them away for other growers to enjoy. And the response was overwhelming– the demand was totally unexpected as growers wanted quality seeds to enjoy for themselves. In fact a feature writer for High Times magazine grew them out and said our seeds were as good as the original Brother’s Grimm Cinderella 99. This was the beginning of Mosca Seeds.

2. Why was Mosca Seeds created and what is the aim of the Seedbank?

Mosca Seeds was created to preserve and protect special strains like Cinderella 99 (Brothers Grimm) and Old Time Moonshine (DJ Short). Our goal is to use these special strains that originated in the past 10-20 years ago and continue to make them available as well as create new strains for all to enjoy and grow.

3. What makes your seeds different?

At Mosca Seeds, we breed strains we want to smoke with good taste, terps, and aromas. We carefully test our strains by having our tight knit group of highly skilled Fly Squad Test Team. Also, we look for grower’s and patient’s anecdotal comments and results as a way to learn more about how our strains can help MMJ patients.

4. What are your most popular strains?

Our most popular strains include, Pink Lemon-Aid, Blue Iguana, Raspberry Boogie, Mtn Dew Baja Blast, and Pink Bubble Gum.

5. What unique strain would you recommend people try from your collection?

Most definitely the Pink Lemon-Aid.

6. If you could say why people should buy Mosca Seeds in one sentence, what would that sentence be?

We stand behind our quality stable seeds and this has resulted in many happy growers!

7. Any secret cultivation tips that you can share with Seedsman customers?

Store your precious seeds in paper envelopes and store in a refrigerator at between 10-12C to help preserve their longevity.

8. Do you have any new strains in the pipeline for 2017?

We are now harvesting our first feminized seed lines including our Cinderella 99, legend OG, ChemD, East Coast Sour Diesel, Sharon White Widow(TRC) and Kosher OG (DNA).

9. What does the future hold for Mosca Seeds?

We have just partnered with GreenGro nutrients to help build our quality brands. We will continue to partner with quality companies, going forward, that are similar to ours.

10. How can people find out more about Mosca Seeds?

Follow us on instagram (mosca_negra) and at

All strains from the Mosca Seed Collection are available to buy at

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