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10 Of The Best Indicas To Grow in 2022

Last week, after a heated debate at Seedsman HG – we finalised our list of the best sativa strains of 2022. But you know we couldn’t stop there.

So, after some more passive-aggressive emails between our growers, here’s the 10 of the best indicas to grow in 2022. There are some old favourites and some up-and-coming strains here, but if you’re team indica, you’re bound to find something you like.

What is Indica Cannabis?

Cannabis comes in different types – indica, sativa, and hybrid. Nowadays, most strains are hybrids, thanks to years of crossbreeding to selectively marry the favourable traits of different strains while eliminating less desirable qualities. But once upon a time, most strains were usually either indica or sativa. 

Indica and sativa cannabis are two wings of the same bird. Despite this, there are obvious differences in their appearance and differences in their effects. The difference in appearance makes them easier to identify, while the difference in effects makes them intriguing in use. Once upon a time, it was pretty straightforward to define indica or sativa.

Typically a shorter, bushier plant, indicas don’t usually take a substantial upward stretch in the grow room, but they certainly puff out. Indicas originally grew in harsh, northern climates, which is why they tend to be shorter plants. The indica effect is usually one of supreme relaxation. For that reason, indicas are the best choice for evening use, as a heavy indica will eventually induce feelings of sleepiness.

What is the Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

Sativas are known for their monumental stretch in the garden or grow room. During flowering, they tend to experience huge growth spurts that see them turn into tall, spindly plants with longer, thinner leaves that reach for the sky (or ceiling) in a way that indicas do not. They don’t pack on the bulky mass of their indica counterparts, either, and for that reason, you can pack ‘em in side by side. They’re known for their head high, too – rather than relax the body in the way indicas tend to, sativas offer a more uplifting and stimulating effect.

These are the loose guidelines to this day, and if you’re ever in a dispensary, you’ll most likely hear budtenders use similar terms when describing each. But in the modern era of hybridisation, many strains dominate one over the other while displaying attributes of each.

Why Smoke an Indica?

In a nutshell, if you’re looking to relax, you’ll most likely want an indica or indica-dominant cannabis strain. There’s more to it than that, though. Indica cannabis strains are often recommended for body effects, whether relaxation or body-related medical ailments. You might choose an indica to help manage pain, for example. Indicas are often used to manage things like nausea or poor appetite. This is usually down to the terpene profiles found in indica cannabis, but indica is touted as relaxing cannabis, and as such, it’s popular in the management of insomnia.

Strains aren’t an exact science, though, and it’s not necessarily as cut and dried as is made out – especially in this day and age of hybrid cannabis strains.

Seedsman’s List: 10 of the Best Indica Cannabis Strains to Grow in 2022

Original Afghani #1

A pure indica strain par excellence, Original Afghani was first brought to the world in the 1970s. This is a classic indica in appearance and effect, with a squat, bushy stature and dense buds. Those buds are covered with high amounts of resin, making Original Afghani a perfect strain for making hash.

Best indica

A strong and vigorous plant with tremendous vegetative growth, Original Afghani #1 has long been considered a reliable indica, and its reputation has led to its use in many crossbreeding projects. This photoperiod indica grows well indoors or out – even beginners will have no issues producing a good yield. Original Afghani #1 has a flowering time of around seven weeks.

It is a pure indica with a strong smell and unmistakable sour, citrusy taste. Original Afghani #1 is narcotic in its effect, meaning one of supreme relaxation.

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Wedding Cake

A sensational mostly-indica strain that has it all, Wedding Cake is a stunning-looking plant with taste and quality in spades. This great weed from Barney’s Farm is fast becoming a favourite on the circuit, and it’s not hard to see why.

Wedding Cake combines the best of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, meaning high THC (24%!) and insane yields (650 gm/m2 indoors, 2000gm/plant outdoors). If that’s not enough, the flavour profile of this strain is simply divine – it’s sweet with creamy vanilla undertones, offset by sour Skunky notes.

This is an easy strain to grow, and after a 9-week flowering period, you can look forward to its incredible effects. Wedding Cake offers creative, euphoric feelings and an uplifting sensation that leaves you feeling happy but relaxed.

Wedding Cake feminised seeds from Barney’s Farm are available from Seedsman.

Pineapple Chunk

If you like your indica cannabis to deliver a couch-lock effect, stick Pineapple Chunk from Barney’s Farm on your shopping list. This potent strain is a 3-way hybrid of Pineapple, Skunk #1, and Cheese – and those are some big-hitters in the indica world.

From a cultivator’s point of view, Pineapple Chunk is an excellent strain to grow. It prefers the indoors but still does well if grown outside. It’s known for its high resistance to mould and other pathogens, so it’s a resilient strain, and it yields around 650gm/m2 after 9 weeks of flowering.


Pineapple Chunk blends a complex array of flavours, including, Earthy, Cheese, and Skunk, but with fruity pineapple to sweeten the mix. With 25% THC expected from this strain, you can expect a hard-hitting, full-body effect that will help you unwind as only an elite indica will.

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Kerosene Krash

Dutch Passion’s team of expert breeders is behind the elite weed Kerosene Krash. By pollinating GG#4 with Sherbet, they created a monster of a strain. This beautiful plant lights up your grow space with its dazzling pink-to-violet colours.

Kerosene Krash is an indica especially suited to indoor cultivation, where its 8-week flowering time results in bumper yields of exceptional cannabis. The terpene profile of this one is something else, so make sure you have your carbon filters in place to handle this extremely pungent plant!

The aroma and taste of Kerosene Krash are top-notch Diesel and Fuel, and you can expect a high THC content above 20% to boot. Kerosene Krash has an uplifting effect in smaller quantities, but it’s a real lights-out strain if you overdo it with this one.

Banana Blaze

Banana Blaze is something a little bit different, and it walks onto our list with ease. Those expert breeders at Dutch Passion know what they’re doing, and Banana Blaze is proof of that.

Crossing Afghani Kush with a Banana Phenotype, Dutch Passion has given us a unique indica. It’s a striking-looking plant with a Christmas tree shape and highly dense buds. Those buds are packed with resin, and Banana Blaze is a highly potent indica packing very high THC levels of over 20%.

Don’t overdo the nutrients with this girl – she doesn’t need much feeding to do her thing. Banana Blaze grows happily in any environment and flowers in around 8 weeks. The result is a short plant, no more than 150cm, and the banana flavour shines through when smoked. The overall potency of this plant guarantees a robust and relaxing body effect.

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Grandaddy Purple

Dubbed the Grandaddy of Purple strains, Blimburn Seeds’ indica-dominant hybrid of Purple Urkle and Big Bud gets a place on most indica lists. This strain has won its share of awards, and deservedly so.

This big, bushy beauty comes with densely-packed buds coated in resin and a high THC content into the bargain. It’s a high-yielding strain, flowering in 9 weeks and producing bountiful harvests of quality cannabis.

Sweet flavours of berry and grape make Grandaddy Purple a favourite with fans of fruity flavours, but the rewards just keep on coming. A coveted medical strain, this one has a reputation for helping with anxiety, insomnia, nausea and pain thanks to its strong, relaxing sedative effects.

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LA Peyote Kush

One of our own, and one of our most popular indicas, LA Peyote Kush, is a hard-hitting indica fans of unique flavour profiles adore. Our breeding gurus weren’t messing around when they crossed LA Kush with Peyote Purple – this is strong stuff!

You’ll find LA Peyote Kush grows happily indoors or outdoors and completes flowering in around 8-9 weeks. The yields are average, but the buds you harvest are above average. This is quality over quantity, and it’s easy to see how upon consumption.

Best indica

You’ll find a minty aroma in your grow space, and the taste of pine and menthol are strong to the fore with LA Peyote Kush. There are some Diesel notes in there if that’s your thing. The effect of LA Peyote Kush is one of luxurious body relaxation yet uplifting for the mind simultaneously. The THC potential of this strain is in the high 20s, so go easy, or you may feel very sleepy!

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Violet Kush Auto

For lovers of autoflowering cannabis strains, Garden of Green has hit a home run with the stunning Violet Kush Auto. Its sumptuous looks would win awards at any garden show, but this is no ordinary plant!

Crossing Hindu Kush with Purple Afghani brings colour and quality while adding Ruderalis genes means automatic flowering. Violet Kush Auto yields medium harvests of quality indica cannabis boasting around 19% THC. 

Best indica

As you’d expect from an autoflowering strain, Violet Kush Auto is a nice, compact plant and lends itself well to smaller grower spaces. It’ll flower in 8 or 9 weeks, after which you can enjoy the sumptuous fruity flavour of sweet grape and the sensational, long-lasting euphoric effects of this superb indica. 

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Chunkadelic Auto

The Humboldt Seed Company have a reputation for quality cannabis, and Chunkadelic Auto cements that reputation in every way. The ‘chunk’ in the title of this strain is no misnomer – this plant yields some chunky buds!

Chunkadelic Auto is a top-notch indica known for its ease of cultivation. Add to that its high yields, good looks and quality flavour profile, and you’ve got a top-grade autoflowering indica. With a THC content above 20, you can bet this is a relaxing strain.

Best indica

Chunkadelic Auto combines the best features of Dark Devil Headband and Magic Melon Auto, and it’s the latter to which the superb palatability is attributed. This rather delicious strain has strong, juicy, fruity flavours by the bucketload, including tangerine, Diesel and Skunk. At 12 weeks, it may have a longer flowering time, but the taste alone makes it worth the wait. 

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Alaskan Purple Auto

Seedsman’s own Alaskan Purple Auto is rounding off the autoflowering indicas – but certainly not bringing up the rear. We pride ourselves on our autoflowering range, and this is among our finest. We crossed Alaskan Purple with a Ruderalis to create this autoflowering beauty, and you won’t be disappointed!

Best indica

Growing well in any environment, Alaskan Purple Auto has a flowering time of 9 weeks. It’ll yield 400-550 g/m2 in an indoor setting, and those yields are packed with dense buds. Of all the indicas on our list, Alaskan Purple Auto might be the most delicious. You’re sure to love those tantalising sweet flavours of sweet ripe fruits.

Alaskan Purple Auto has a hefty 20% THC content. Those chunky, resinous buds produce a relaxing, long-lasting potent effect to help you unwind at the end of a long day.

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Do you have a favourite indica cannabis strain? Let us know in the comments section.

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